DC Model - Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters

Dual Clamp Pallet Inverters

If you need to invert or transfer varying load types with variable load heights our Dual Clamp pallet inverter is the model to choose. Ideally suited for inbound load transfers where a variety of products may be handled including boxes, drums, pails and packaging material by forklift. Need a custom dual clamping pallet inverter? We can also custom manufacture an inverter to meet your exact needs. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

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3 Viewings


Three standard sizes which offer the largest clamping range of any pallet inverter series. Standard features include: 4400 lb load capacity, UL508A disconnect panel, push button pendant controls, forklift guards, maintenance locks, counterbalance valves to hold and maintain pressures, and a crosport cushioning valve for smooth, balanced basket rotation. Upgrades include leveling plates for slippery or tough to compress products, safety ready circuit, perimeter guards, light curtains, or safety devices for maximum protection. Standard finish is a Red two-part epoxy paint. Custom colors or Steel-It paint available at an additional cost.


With an extended clamp range and a 4,400 lb capacity, why wouldn't this be the most poluar series? The most critical factors for compatibility are the load type, how the product rests on the pallet (overhung or underhung), and the price. Bags, boxes, pails, super sacks, and fiber drums invert without a problem. However, slick printed material, steel sheets, steel drums, and other non-compressible items may require slight modifications to the machine. Contact us to find out if this is the right inverter for your application.


We're flexible - We are not interested in a generic one size fits all solutions for just any warehouse out there. We're looking for the best solution for your production plant or warehouse. We're ready - We keep our equipment in stock at all times, your production time is too valuable to sacrifice waiting around for the new equipment to come in. We're commited - we've put three decades of experience into developing our product line and we stand behind it 100%. 

Key Benefits

Adding a Cherry's Industrial dual clamp pallet inverter can have a number of advantages for your operation. DC inverters help with:

  • Safety: A pallet inverter saves your staff from having to manually transfer a load from one pallet to the other. As a result, the risk of accidents and back related injuries are reduced considerably. Our dual clamp models bear the burden of product inversions and load transfers so that your employees don’t have to.
  • Product integrity: Protect valuable products with a dual clamp pallet inverter. Our DC inverters provide smooth transfers of inbound loads — a key benefit when working with sensitive or delicate materials.
  • Productivity: A DC pallet inverter can improve productivity in several ways. As noted above, the risk of an injury of accident is lowered, which means fewer interruptions while your team works. In addition, DC inverters are often faster and more efficient than a forklift when transferring a product from one pallet to another — average leveling times for our products are just 17 seconds. Because our inverters are intuitive and easy-to-use, time spent training workers on the new equipment is minimal, too.

Ultimately, a DC pallet inverter will deliver a healthy return on your investment. Our equipment offers excellent value as well as quality construction that is engineered to deliver when you need it most.

Choosing a Unit

Cherry's Industrial sells single and dual clamp pallet inverters in a variety of sizes and configurations. Dual clamp models offer a better range than single clamp inverters, as well as a more balanced center of gravity. Applications where products require careful treatment, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical manufacturing lean more toward purchasing DC inverters.

Within the broad category of dual clamp pallet inverters, we offer several upgrades and configurations that further customize your purchase to better suit your needs. Our three core models provide maximum load heights ranging from 91” to 110”. From there, we give you the option of choosing any of several control systems ranging from push button to fully automated, and multiple safety guards and mats. Other options include slip sheet profile, adjustable platform plates and custom finishes. We also offer a stainless steel version for use in sanitary environments.

All of our inverters are made in the USA and backed by a three-year warranty with optional extended coverage. Maximum capacity is 4,400 lbs. For more information, visit individual model pages. You can also contact our office directly at 800-350-0011 to learn more or go over your customization options in detail. Contact us today and discover for yourself why we've been the professionals’ choice for advanced material handling solutions since 1983.

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