Plastic Pallets

Wooden pallets are no longer the industry standard they once were. Plants are increasingly turning to plastic pallets to eliminate product contamination, reduce cleaning time, and avoid heat treatment (required prior to international shipments). Plastic pallets also offer a longer service life, as well as lighter repeatable tare weights and dimensional consistency. Our products are also constructed from FDA compliant materials. We offer stackable, rackable, nestable, drum, and export duty plastic pallets, molded or thermoformed in a variety of styles, configurations and capacities.

Heavy duty plastic pallets are a perfect replacement to wood pallets in production, clean room and mixing areas.  Clean, hygenic, rackable, stackable, consistent in weight and dimension, chemical resistant, recyclable and re-usable. 

The choice of the right heavy duty pallet, specifically when it involves plastic pallets requires careful consideration. The best place to start is knowing exactly how and where your plastic pallets will be used in your company. If you are still having trouble deciding, contact us to guarantee you have the best heavy duty plastic pallet.