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The automotive industry often deals with high volumes of parts that require automatic handling and loading. It may also involve easy loading of complicated parts onto pallet tooling for applications like automatic function testing and grease dispensing.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment allows you to complete your pallet transfer system with high-quality plastic pallets, pallet inverters and other components of a fully functioning automatic pallet transfer line. A pallet transfer system with components you can rely on can help reduce your dependence on manual labor and run your operations more efficiently.


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We Have a Customized Equipment Solution for Your Automotive Operation

Cherry’s Industrial has a complete range of products that will allow you to automate your pallet transfer system to the extent required. When you work with Cherry’s Industrial, we will help you find equipment that meets your exact process or packaging needs at every stage.

With Cherry's Industrial, You Can Expect:

  • Assistance from trained product specialists with the experience and knowledge you need to make the best buying choices
  • The highest-quality material handling products you’re likely to find
  • Customized solutions to your processing and packaging needs when necessary

The automotive manufacturing equipment we carry is designed to ergonomically assist in fulfilling a variety of material handling tasks. The result is a faster rate of production and a safer and more sanitary environment for your employees. Purpose-built automotive equipment for handling materials includes:

  • Plastic Pallets: A replacement for antiquated wooden pallets, our plastic pallets provide a heavy-duty solution that offers a longer service life and more consistent tare weights and dimensional reliability. Pallets are molded or thermoformed to meet your unique specifications and come available in stackable, rackable, nestable, drum or export duty options.

  • Pallet Inverters: Eliminate the need to stack and restack in automotive industry material handling with pallets that allow for 180-degree rotation. Our pallet inverters and exchanger models come in a variety of styles and are made of durable materials that will stand up to your challenging lifting, rotating, tilting and transferring applications.

  • 90° Tippers and Upenders: Safely and efficiently rotate your heavy products within a 90-degree radius with tippers and upenders from Cherry's Industrial Equipment. We carry mechanical upenders, hydraulic electric tippers and coil positioners configured for economy, low duty, high cycle, mechanical and high capacity operations. Whether you need a solution to change the vertical or horizontal orientation of one-ton products or automotive manufacturing equipment capable of handling up to 50 tons, we have what you require.

The Cherry’s Industrial Advantage

We strive to make the process of shopping for automotive warehousing equipment as fast and convenient as possible. Cherry's goes the extra mile to understand your requirements and provide solutions that completely solve your material handling problems. From our easy-to-navigate site and inventory of superior-quality equipment to exceptional product knowledge and customer services, we're the go-to source for the automotive industry.

Additional benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Working with seasoned experts who will listen and answer any and all of your questions 
  • The ability to order product or products according to your current budget and business objectives
  • Equipment customized to your specific needs
  • A complete processing and packaging automotive solution

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Automotive Applications

When it comes to equipment for managing your automotive plant, you need reliability and quality. Choosing which pallets inverters, stretch wrappers, plastic pallets and other equipment you will need directly correlates to your operation’s productivity.


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  • Schedule a product demo
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At Cherry's, our experienced team takes the time to ask the critical questions about the issues your particular company is facing and can identify the material handling equipment that makes the most sense for your operation.

When you order your equipment from Cherry’s Industrial, you have everything you need in one location. We’ve been serving industry needs for pallets and pallet-related products for more than 30 years, so you can feel confident when you choose Cherry’s Industrial. We only represent automotive manufacturing equipment from trusted manufacturers that demonstrate exceptional durability, functionality and performance. If you see it listed on our website, you can rest assured it's been thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure it meets our high standards and is worthy of your investment.

In an automotive industrial plant, ensuring the safety of your workers is a top priority. Selecting the best possible equipment decreases the changes of malfunction and injury. These include cutting-edge pallet inverters that can save your workers from repetitive motion injuries by providing as much at 180 degrees rotation automatically, without any manual assistance, or ergonomic work positioners to reduce manual lifting and minimize back injuries.

Our pallets are easy to clean and easy to handle, further reducing stress on your workers. Other benefits of partnering with Cherry’s Industrial Equipment include:

  • Easier compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Fewer workplace injuries
  • A faster, more automated production cycle
  • Lower equipment costs

Check Out Our Full Line of Automotive Industry Material Handling Products

Why get lost searching for what you need in the big box stores or take a chance purchasing product that falls short of solving 100% of the problem? We’re bound to have what you need to streamline your operation, including a variety of plastic pallets, heavy-duty upenders, electric forklifts, pallet inverters and other material handling equipment. We can customize our items to fit your specific needs with respect to safety and processing requirements.

All our products have a reputation for quality and are made in the USA, so you know you can rely on every piece of equipment we sell. Contact us today to:

  • Purchase automotive material handling equipment
  • Lease automotive material handling equipment for both short-term and long-term needs
  • Talk about a custom solution to meet your material handling needs

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