Spacer & Pallet Retrievers

Spacer & Pallet Retrievers

Please select from the PSR model, VBED model, SR2 model or inline systems.

Built to handle the increased demands and heavy workloads at meat processing plants and cold storage facilities. Remove freezer spacers, combine loads and change out pallets in seconds. Simple controls, reliable components and easy operation. Made in USA

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Our PSR model pallet and spacer retriever is built to handle the increased demands and heavy workloads at meat processing plants and cold storage facilities. Remove freezer spacers, combine loads... Read More

Our rugged, VBED model is ideal for 24 hour a day use. The optimal construction frees up valuable dock space for operational efficiency. Pull slats, freezer spacers and divider sheets in seconds ... Read More

The versatile SR2 model is able to insert and remove freezer spacers with complete control. Hand stacking and re-stacking loads to insert spacers can be exhausting. Tip whole pallets, separate la... Read More

Inline PSR systems are the perfect way to automate the process of freezer spacer removal. Our models are great for large projects that will free up your precious space. Reduce forklift movements,... Read More

Applications of Freezer Spacer Removal Systems

Our freezer spacer removers can serve any industry that uses freezer spacers to allow cold air to flow between containers and promote faster, more efficient freezing. Examples of industries that use them extensively include frozen food and cold storage, warehousing and distribution, grocery wholesaling, and meat and poultry processing. Some models can also perform "double duty" by serving as pallet retrieval systems — you can use them for changing from shipping to storage pallets, for example.

We Offer Several Types of Freezer Space and Pallet Retrievers

Cherry's Industrial Equipment offers several types of pallet retrieval and freezer space removal systems, including:

  • PSR: The PSR Series consists of pallet retrievers and freezer spacer removers that can handle the heavy-duty challenges presented by cold storage facilities and meat processing plants. Use them to rotate pallets at a 105-degree angle to enable fast spacer removal. The push-button makes all PSR models easy to operate.
  • Inline PSR: You will also find inline PSR systems that will automate the entire freezer spacer removal process, making them ideal for high-volume material handling operations. The "plug and play" installation and setup ensures a seamless integration into your production line.
  • VBED: Designed for 24/7 material handling operation, the VBED Series models include an inward-tipping basket that facilitates pallet and freezer spacer removal. These versatile machines can accommodate single or double loads, as well as change out damaged pallets.
  • SR2: The SR2 is a reliable system for inserting and removing freezer spacers at an impressive rate of 25-30 pallets per hour. The SR2 is a significant labor saver: it can eliminate up to 95% of the human labor that's required when inserting or removing spacers manually. Use it when working with boxes/containers 5" or greater in height.

Our Freezer Spacer Removal/Pallet Retrieval Systems Offer a Host of Valuable Benefits

Incorporating freezer spacers and pallet retrievers into your processes can benefit your company in many ways:

  • Saving time: Pallet retrievers reduce the need for manual labor — our machines can do the job faster and more efficiently than humans, which will increase your productivity and lower your labor costs.
  • Increasing safety: Because retrieval systems require less human intervention, they reduce the risk of injuries to your workforce. You will experience fewer days off the job and cut down on the number of costly workers' compensation claims.
  • Less product damage: You will have fewer incidents of shifting or falling loads that can cause significant damage to goods — you'll spend less money on product replacement.
  • Maximizing space: Retrieval systems allow you to stack higher and narrower, which can free up substantial space in your warehouse or plant.

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