Overhead Stretch Wrappers

Overhead Stretch Wrappers

Semi-automatic wrappers

Our overhead pallet wrappers incorporate a revolutionary design unlike traditional styles. The overhead stretch wrapper remains stationary while the mast revolves around the load. Best used in wet, wash down areas or applications requiring floor level loading without a ramp.

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As opposed to automatic units, which serve the needs of high-volume material handling operations, semi-automatic stretch wrappers work best when processing approximately 10-40 loads per hour.

We Offer Several Types of Overhead Stretch Wrappers

Cherry's Industrial Equipment is your one-stop headquarters for a wide selection of high-quality overhead/semi-automatic pallet wrappers at competitive prices. Examples include:

  • Semi-automatic overheadThis efficient machine can wrap up to 35 loads per day. It's equipped with an electronically controlled film delivery system that can deliver a wrap arm speed of 12 RPM. The wrapper features a maximum load height of 80' and a maximum load diagonal of 76'.
  • Simple overhead wrapperAs the name implies, this overhead wrapper streamlines and simplifies the process of applying shrink wrap to your load, saving a significant amount of time and labor. Your forklift operator can activate the machine by flipping a switch. The innovative Pallet-Grip feature automatically secures the load to the pallet, which prevents shifting during loading and transport.
  • Conveyorized automation overhead stretch wrapperThis pre-engineered overhead stretch wrapper offers the flexibility for customization to just about any application. The Power Roller-Stretch film delivery system saves time and increases speed — you can wrap up to 45 loads per hour. The machine can accommodate loads up to 75' high and weighing as much as 4,000 lbs.
  • Conveyorized overhead stretch wrapper: This fully-automated overhead pallet wrapper is perfect for tall, unstable column-stacked loads that are susceptible to shifting. Suitable for manual or automated loading applications, this versatile machine offers the advantage of simple touchscreen operation.

Benefits of Overhead Pallet Wrappers

Overhead/semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Cherry's Industrial Equipment can increase productivity and streamline your material handling processes, enabling you to provide better service to your customer base. They can also help you reduce your dependence on manual labor, which saves money and lowers the risk of workplace injuries. Overhead wrappers typically cut down on film consumption, resulting in lower material costs for your organization.

Overhead Pallet Wrapper Applications

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers make an excellent choice for any warehousing or distribution center operation where shrinking wrapping is an essential component of the production process. They're also ideally suited for handling fragile merchandise, as they will minimize the risk of damage by providing enhanced load security. Examples of industries that can use overhead stretch wrappers include food and beverage, consumer products, pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing.

Cherry's Industrial: Your Best Choice for an Overhead Stretch Wrapper Supplier

At Cherry's Industrial, we focus on ways to use equipment to resolve our customers' most daunting material handling challenges. Whether you're looking to maximize space, increase productivity, optimize efficiency or create a safer work environment, our material handling professionals can help you achieve your objective. And with our competitive pricing, you'll be able to stay within your equipment budget parameters and experience a healthier bottom line.

Please take a few minutes review our overhead stretch wrapper inventory. If you have questions or need product selection assistance, give us a call at 800-350-0011 or contact us online. You can also request a quote by filling out and submitting the form at the bottom of each product page.