Technical Support

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment offers free technical support to their customers. From installation information to setting system pressures, Cherry’s will assist your maintenance staff to ensure proper installation and operation of the system.    

  • Free that is USA based and live answer during standard business hours
  • Priority Action Plans – a machine down is our team priority! The call is escalated to utilize multiple team members as required to help the system get back on line as quickly as possible.
  • The team of Cherry’s Industrial Equipment includes production personnel as well as mechanical, electrical and safety engineers
  • Cherry’s Industrial Equipment maintains an archive of all machines manufactured
  • Free for the life of the machine
  • Tech bulletin tips and troubleshooting program for all of Cherry’s Industrial Equipment customers  

The team at Cherry’s is always looking at ways to best support the customer and the equipment we sell. Want to be part of the tech bulletin series, or need?  Contact Cherry’s Industrial Equipment Support Team at 877-350-2748 or email service@cherrysind.com for or to sign up for emails to be included in our tech bulletin distribution list!



  • Detecting and troubleshooting minor mechanical issues
  • Clean and safe conditions for all operators
  • Increased performance and improved machine uptime
  • Extended service for life of the machine
  • Planned shut down for maintenance during non-peak hours
  • Maximizing the machine’s resale/trade-in value


I would just like to say you guys at Cherry do great work. Very fast, responsible and you get the job done on time and the right way; very thorough& Professional.  It is nice to deal with an organization like yours. I will be in touch with you for future purchases. - Gary  - Plant Engineer