SC Model - Single Clamp Pallet Inverter

Single Clamp Pallet Inverters

Single Clamp Pallet Inverters

The SC Model is our most popular style of 180º pallet inverters offering a faster, easier way to rotate, switch or transfer loads and replace pallets. The SC Model is loaded / unloaded and relocated with a forklift or reach truck. Controls are easy to use & accessible from the seat of the lift truck. Many options and stock sizes to choose from. Manufactured & assembled in the USA.

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Stationary, floor fixed design with a single moving clamping plate. Rotate pallet loads for quick removal of broken or damaged products or transfer loads to and from wood, plastic or rental pallets. Avaialble in three STOCK sizes to accommodate different load heights at 4400 lb load capacity. Standard feature include: manual levers or push button pendant controls, pendant holder, forklift guards, maintenance locks, UL 508A listed electrical panel and adjustable pressure relief valve to prevent crushing. Upgrades include profile plates, slip sheet profiles, standoffs, safety ready circuit, perimeter guards, light curtains or safety devices for maximum protection, and increased capacities of 6600 or 8800 lbs.  Standard finish is a Safety Blue two part epoxy paint. Custom colors or Steel-It paint available at an additional cost.



How to determine the right size machine . For simple inversion - measure the maximum and minimum load height (with bottom pallet), then ADD the height of the transfer to pallet. Remember to add 5" to the tallest loads for egress. Your range of load heights should match up to one of our machines. For example; the tallest load is 70" + 6" for transfer to pallet + 5" egress = 81", shortest load is 40" + 6" transfer to pallet = 46". Therefore the best fit would be an SC-86 with a clamping range from 86" down to 44" 


We're flexible - We are not interested in a generic one size fits all solutions for just any warehouse out there. We're looking for the best solution for your production plant or warehouse. We're ready - We keep our equipment in stock at all times, your production time is too valuable to sacrifice waiting around for the new equipment to come in. We're commited - we've put three decades of experience into developing our product line and we stand behind it 100%. 


Industry Applications

Use Cherry's Industrial SC pallet inverters in a wide range of different industries and applications. Our equipment makes it easy to rotate loaded pallets on their side without disturbing their contents or risking an accident. For this reason, SC inverters are ideal for use by food and pharma companies, as well as in warehousing and shipping operations.

With an SC pallet inverter, you can transfer heavy loads from a wooden pallet to a sanitary plastic base, a common occurrence when unloading new shipments in a clean facility. Food warehouses also use pallet inverters to prevent caking and binding in delicate powders — when a sensitive product requires long-term storage, regular rotation can help maintain its integrity.

Finally, single clamp pallet inverters can be used to improve productivity and efficiency in general material handling applications. Inverters allow workers to quickly and easily move loads from one pallet to the next.

These are just a few of the many potential uses for a Cherry's Industrial pallet inverter. When it comes to finding the right pallet inverter for your company know that the specifics of your application will play a role in determining the best model for your needs. Explore your options using the links on this page.

Single Clamp vs. Double Clamp

The SC series of single clamp pallet inverters is just one of the options offered at Cherry’s Industrial. Single clamp models are simpler and easier to maintain. They are ideal for short transfers of lighter loads. For more demanding applications, consider upgrading to a double clamp model. These units offer an increased range and a more balanced center of gravity — perfect for applications requiring smoother transitions, such as those involving sensitive pharmaceuticals or other chemicals.

We offer single clamp pallet inverters in both ground loading and ramp loading configurations. As the names imply, the specifics of your workflow will determine which model is right for you. Ramp loading inverters allow for easier access by forklifts and pallet jacks, though they take up more space. Ground loading inverters are more compact, making them suitable for use in areas where lift trucks can’t go.

Customization Capabilities

Between ground loading and ramp loading, single and double clamp inverters in various sizes and configurations, Cherry's Industrial offers an extensive selection of options for our diverse client base. If, however, none of our stock items meet your specifications, we provide custom modifications as required. The first step is to contact a representative for a consultation. We'll work with you to determine the best way to proceed and provide a detailed quote for a custom pallet inverter. To get started, call us at 800-350-0011 or email our office today.

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