The key to minimizing mechanical breakdowns and service calls is to maintain the equipment. Regular maintenance is vital to the optimal operation of the machine.  We offer a variety of Preventative Maintenance Programs to suit each customer’s needs. 

  • Scheduled machine maintenance minimizes the loss of productivity, reduces mechanical issues, excessive wear and unplanned shut downs.
  • PM’s extend the service life of your new equipment purchase
  • Planned maintenance intervals are more cost effective to maintain versus fix and repair.
  • Prevent common hydraulic and electrical issues with regular inspection and routine hydraulic fluid replacement and filter changes.
  • A properly maintained machine is safer to operate and protects the customer from parts failure that could compromise operation.
  • Special programs are available for your established equipment to inspect overall system condition, identify parts replacement and recommend a service and maintenance level. 

The standard levels of maintenance include (6) Six Week Maintenance: greasing all points, confirming all buttons and gauges are operating properly, and checking fluid levels and filters. Six Month Maintenance includes the services in the 6 week maintenance plus the technician will change the return oil filter, check and tighten all bolts. Twelve Month Maintenance includes everything in the six week and six month maintenance, plus a full machine overview, checking all hoses and fittings for signs of wear or abrasions, and changing out the filters and the hydraulic fluids.  Contact Cherry’s Industrial Service Department at 877-350-2748 or email service@cherrysind.com to discuss maintenance of your system.

Preventive Maintenance


  • Detecting and troubleshooting minor mechanical issues
  • Clean and safe conditions for all operators
  • Increased performance and improved machine uptime
  • Extended service for life of the machine
  • Planned shut down for maintenance during non-peak hours
  • Maximizing the machine’s resale/trade-in value


I would just like to say you guys at Cherry do great work. Very fast, responsible and you get the job done on time and the right way; very thorough…... It is nice to deal with an organization like yours. I will be in touch with you for future purchase. - Plant Engineer - Betco

We started working with Cherry’s Industrial service a couple years ago, utilizing their PM program.  They check in with us every six months, schedule the pm service, and come out and perform the planned maintenance. We know this simple step has kept the machine up and running with minimal downtime. One call/one email and we get the service we need.- Rebecca Clemente - Dot Foods