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Pallet Tippers & Upenders

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Simplify the dangerous process of rotating coils or rolls with expensive forklifts while protecting your employees from workplace injuries. Our 90 degree pallet tippers and upenders rotate product within a 90-degree radius to change vertical / horizontal orientation for shipping or production.


We carry mechanical upenders, hydraulic, electric tippers and coil positioners with rated capacities from 1 ton up to 50 tons. Standard configurations include: floor level, end to end, raised height, side to side, and low level or ask about our custom engineered solution for your particular application. Various power unit systems are available for low volume duty up to production duty for three shift 24/7 operations.


As a leading material handling distributor we pride ourselves on being a customer-driven supplier, focused on providing exceptional service. Our sales representatives are experts, not just with Upenders, but also on providing solutions to your warehousing and distribution problems.

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