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Simplify the dangerous process of rotating coils or rolls with expensive forklifts while protecting your employees from workplace injuries. Our 90 degree pallet tippers and upenders rotate product within a 90-degree radius to change vertical / horizontal orientation for shipping or production.

We carry mechanical upenders, hydraulic, electric tippers and coil positioners with rated capacities from 1 ton up to 50 tons. Standard configurations include: floor level, end to end, raised height, side to side, and low level or ask about our custom engineered solution for your particular application. Various power unit systems are available for low volume duty up to production duty for three shift 24/7 operations.

As a leading material handling distributor we pride ourselves on being a customer-driven supplier, focused on providing exceptional service. Our sales representatives are experts, not just with Upenders, but also on providing solutions to your warehousing and distribution problems.

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Potential Applications

Pallet tippers have many potential applications. As the name implies, their role is to gently upend a pallet to a 90-degree angle. This makes it fast and easy to change positions before shipping. Pallet tippers are easy to integrate with a conveyor or other material handling system. Alternately, you can load them with a crane, forklift or pallet jack.

We sell a range of pallet tippers suitable for various applications. Whether you are dealing with 500 or 20,000 lb. loads, handling oversized materials or working with any other technical consideration, there's a good chance we have the right unit for you. If we don't, it's very likely we can modify something to better suit your requirements.

A Safer Way to Handle Heavy Loads

The main benefit to using a pallet upender is safety. Working with any heavy load introduces the potential for risk. With a pallet tipper, staff don't have to turn loaded pallets manually. This means less chance of an accident — which can interrupt your productivity, damage your products or pallets, or lead to costly liability issues. Our equipment features easy-to-use motorized controls that can be automated for increased convenience.

Streamline Your Workflow With a Pallet Inverter

Pallet inverters and 90-degree tippers can do the work of upending a pallet much faster than a forklift or hand truck. We offer a variety of systems that integrate seamlessly with your workflow, helping you move bulky items safely and quickly.

To benefit from these productivity gains, it's important to select a unit that’s suited for your requirements. For high-volume and large capacity applications, specialized heavy-duty equipment is available. For light-to-medium-duty applications, we have a number of economical options that will deliver great performance for as long as you require them.

Use the links on this page to browse our inventory and view detailed specifications.

Pallet Inverter Types

Pallet tippers come in a variety of configurations. Though we organize our inventory by capacity, within each category there are several options, including:
  • Single (SC) and Dual Clamp (DC) Models. Both single and dual clamp pallet inverters come with a side wall which allows for products to shift and line up as it rotates. The DC has a greater range of clamping than the SC. Each unit has its particular strengths depending on the specific application. Let one of our product specialists help you determine which option will work best for your application.
  • Ramp and ground loaded tippers. As the names imply, ramp loaded tippers connect directly to a ramp, allowing for easier forklift and lift truck access. Ground loaded tippers load from the ground, making them best for areas where space is limited or lift trucks are prohibited.

Also available are stainless steel sanitary pallet upenders for clean room applications, and other specialized units, many of which can be customized based on your requirements. To learn more, speak with a Cherry's Industrial material handling specialist today.

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