Stretch Wrappers

Stretch Wrappers

Stretch Wrappers & Pallet Wrappers

Select from turntable, overhead or robotic stretch wrappers from trusted brands like Lantech, Southworth, and Vestil. We offer designs and styles to automatically wrap pallets or products and deliver stretch film with 200% pre-stretch to stabilize loads and to reduce or eliminate product damage. Our conveyorized units for system integration save thousands of dollars over traditional hand methods that pre-stretch film only 10% and involve non-productive manual labor.

Check out the latest in stretch wrapping technology and how it  improves efficiencies. Wrapping by hand, our entry models offer better load containment while using 30% less film. Replacing an older machine - check out new features auto start, auto cut and 200% prestretch

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Why Invest in an Automatic Stretch Wrapper?

Any investment in new equipment must be made with confidence. Quality tools that will help you improve productivity, safety and the bottom line are worth the cost. Equipment that will interrupt your workflow, require extensive training and take time away from other responsibilities isn't.

Whether or not a pallet stretch wrapper is right for your organization will depend on multiple factors. However, when a stretch wrapper is properly installed and selected based on your requirements, organizations will see several benefits, including:

  • Productivity gains. The main advantage of automatic pallet wrappers is that they save the effort associated with wrapping a pallet manually. Automatic systems wrap your pallets in less time than it would take to do so by hand. They also do the job with a higher level of consistency, eliminating the need for rework.
  • Less waste. Pallets are wrapped for a reason — plastic wrapping stabilizes loads that would otherwise shift during transport. Pallet stretch wrappers can lead to fewer product losses and minimize the potential for product contamination. As well, automatic wrappers use less film while reducing the risk of human error, cutting down your material costs in the process.
  • Safer workplaces. Any job that involves working with unstable loads has the potential for risk. Automatic wrappers allow forklift operators to stay off the floor while a load is secured. They also keep items safer during transit, which mitigates the potential for a spill or other accident.
  • Less potential for theft. In an ideal world, theft wouldn’t be an issue in your workplace. However, the reality is that in most warehouses and shipping centers, items can and do go missing on a regular basis. Properly wrapped pallets eliminate the temptation for casual theft while making it difficult for more determined thieves to access your product.
  • Environmental protection. Wrapping a pallet in a UV-blocking film prevents fading and other damage during outside storage. A tight wrap also protects against dirt, moisture and other environmental factors that can ruin a product.

These are just a few of the many benefits a pallet wrapping machine can have for your business. To better serve our diverse client base, we offer three main types of equipment. Visit individual pages to learn more about the differences and potential applications for our turntable, overhead and automatic pallet wrappers.

Most items in our catalog can be modified or adjusted to suit your requirements better. A Cherry's Industrial representative can help you determine whether customization is necessary or if a stock wrapper will do. To learn more or to request a quote for any of our plastic stretch wrapping machines, please contact our office directly by phone or email.

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