Steel and Stamping

Steel and Stamping

Steel and Stamping

Equipment Solutions for the Steel & Stamping Industry

Does your company manufacture stamped steel sheets? If so, you undoubtedly recognize the importance of safe, meticulous handling practices when processing, packing and loading your stock. Protect your stamped sheet products with high-quality material handling equipment from Cherry’s Industrial Equipment. As a leading supplier of warehousing equipment to small-and-medium-sized companies, you can count on Cherry’s Industrial for superior products at competitive prices, along with the best customer service in our industry.


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Specialized Equipment Solutions for the Steel and Stamping Industry

Despite what some equipment suppliers may attempt to tell you, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” material handling equipment. The best approach when looking for a supplier is to choose a company that attempts to identify the specific issues that are impacting your operations (burrs, rough edges, bending, flanging, blanking, etc.) and then recommends a cost-effective equipment solution.

Get the Equipment You With Convenient Options Like:

  • Flexible leasing options available for companies seeking an alternative to purchasing equipment.
  • Short- and long-term rentals offer a cost-effective solution for your temporary equipment needs.
  • Custom solutions for equipment that meets the needs of your unique situation

At Cherry’s Industrial, we’ll take the time to review your material handling procedures and suggest the best products that will result in process improvements, while keeping your budget requirements in mind. We’ll help you:

  • Carefully consider equipment recommendations that solve 100% of the problem.
  • Integrate equipment solutions that address specific needs.
  • Avoid the mistakes inherent in a “cookie-cutter” approach to the equipment buying process.
  • Eliminate concerns about having to return products that fail to deliver the results you expect.

We can also customize many of our products at an affordable price.

Find the Right Steel Stamping Equipment More Quickly

At Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, we understand that time is your most valuable commodity. That’s why we make finding the right equipment for your company as fast and easy as possible. Rather than sorting through stacks of catalogs or trying to navigate cluttered websites, take advantage of our compact, user-friendly website to streamline and simplify your search.

We also have a team of product specialists on staff who will be happy to lend their expertise to your search efforts. You’ll have more time to spend on running your business and satisfying your customers.

We provide:

  • More than 30 years of material handling equipment experience at your service.
  • Service to help you eliminate the need to store stacks of equipment catalogs in your office or warehouse.
  • The ability to easily find equipment that’s priced well below what you’ll find in most catalogs.
  • A streamlined ordering process that saves time and eliminates hassles.

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Find Out More About Our Pallet Handling Equipment With:

  • Product demos to allow you to see products in action prior to making a commitment.
  • Ergonomic reviews provide assurance that the equipment meets your comfort and efficiency requirements.
  • Consultations with our experts over the phone to find our your equipment needs

How Can Our Material Handling Equipment Resolve a Challenging Issue?

Here’s just one example of how equipment from Cherry’s Industrial can improve the performance of steel stamping operation. We offer high-quality steel inversion products with 180-degree rotation capabilities to turn your sheet stacks. This will keep burrs and rough edges tucked inside, significantly reducing the likelihood of damage to the load.

What’s more, it will minimize the need for human intervention during the material handling process, which will lower your labor costs and help to prevent workplace injuries. Our steel inverters will contribute to a more efficient — and safer — work environment. That way, you can:

  • Reduce the number of worker’s compensation claims and potential OSHA violations.
  • Prevent product damage issues that cause needless waste and result in customer dissatisfaction.
  • Improve performance in areas such as packaging, loading and shipping.
  • Free up workers to perform essential tasks in other areas of your business operation.

Why Not Explore Your Steel and Stamping Equipment Options Right Now?

All our steel and stamping products are made in the USA by some of the best manufacturers in the material handling equipment industry – you’re assured of getting an inverter, wire mesh basket or heavy-duty upender that can withstand the rigors of a steel manufacturing environment. Check out our current inventory and feel free to contact us if you require customization or modifications.

Make Cherry’s Industrial Equipment your single source for all your material handling equipment needs.