Robotic / Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Robotic / Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The next generation of automatic stretch wrapping equipment is available at Cherry's Industrial. Our robotic stretch wrapper selection is a portable, automatic unit perfect for large warehouses and distribution centers that hand stretch loads after order picking. Focused on efficiency in the warehouse, these automatic stretch wrappers and pallet wrappers can reduce film costs and improve load containment. In addition to its efficiency, operating this automatic stretch wrapping equipment is also simple for your staff. You position the automated unit near the pallet, tie the film off and walk away. For added safety, a safety sensor disarms the machine if necessary to prevent injury.

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Choose the Robotic or Automatic Stretch Wrapper That Works Best for Your Material Handling Processes

Our selection of robotic and automatic stretch wrapping equipment includes the following:

  • Robot S6: This heavy-duty stretch wrapper provides six menu options, making it easy to customize its operation to the task at hand. Capable of accommodating up to 30 loads per hour, the robotic stretch wrapper can increase productivity by as much as 20 percent. The self-propelled functionality will reduce the burden on your workforce and lower the risk of workplace injuries. The stretch wrapper can also cut film consumption by more than 50 percent, which can lower your material costs and boost your profitability. The maximum load height of nearly eight feet gives you plenty of flexibility when wrapping orders for transport and shipping.
  • Robot SWM-MR-2000 Robot Stretch Wrapper: This robust robotic stretch wrapper can wrap more than 200 loads on a single charge, allowing your team to maximize uptime and avoid disruptions that can limit productivity. You'll also be able to bundle loads up to seven feet high with ease. The user-friendly controls reduce your operators' learning curve and make the unit simple to navigate. There's also a built-in sensor that allows your team to detect load heights automatically.

Benefits of Using Robotic/Automatic Stretch Wrapping Equipment in Your Material Handling Operation

Integrating robotic stretch wrappers into your work processes will benefit your organization in a variety of ways.By increasing wrapping speed, our equipment will help you maintain your tight production schedules and boost your customers' level of satisfaction. By holding your goods securely in place, you'll have fewer worries about damage during loading, transport and shipping. You will also experience a noticeable increase in the efficiency of your operation by saving time and reducing production and processing errors.

What's more, automatic stretch wrappers require less human labor — you'll be able to free up your workers for other tasks and lower the risk of injuries that are an all-too-common occurrence in many work environments.

Robotic Stretching Equipment Applications

Our automatic stretch wrapping equipment can add value to just about any business that ships goods via pallets. Examples include consumer products, food service, frozen foods, grocery distribution, pharmaceuticals and many others.

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You can trust Cherry's Industrial to provide a cost-effective equipment solution that will solve 100 percent of your material handling problem — whether you're looking to improve ergonomics, safety, productivity or sanitation. You can be certain that you will receive personalized assistance every step of the way. Our knowledgeable product specialists can even work with you to customize many of our products to meet your unique functional requirements. And with our bulk pricing and simplified online ordering, we'll help you save time and money.

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