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  • Pallet Inverter Safety Tips

    The billions and maybe trillions of movements workers make each day to transport and process the products of business are exactly why pallet inverters prove useful, functional and beneficial to the bottom line. They create efficiency and safety.

    Pallet inverters handle and reorient product loads of all different sizes and weights, and they enable workers to easily manipulate pallets of boxes, cartons, drums and other containers.

    At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we’re glad to answer your questions about pallet inverters and how to use them in a way that benefits your day-to-day business operations.

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  • How to Reduce Product Theft Using Stretch Wrappers

    how to reduce product theft using stretch wrappers

    Stretch wrap is by far the most effective way to unitize and secure pallet loads. Plastic stretch wrap has been the mainstream form of pallet containment in the warehouse and shipping industry since the 1970s, when linear low-density polyethylene resin film was invented. Stretch wrap’s value has long been proven.

    You can significantly reduce product theft by using stretch wrappers. Industry experts know stretch wrap is the perfect way to bind packages together and secure valuables to the pallet base. Stretch wrap protects pallet contents from moisture, as well as dust and dirt. Stretch wrapping is excellent insurance against product breakage from pallets dislodging when they’re damaged, but not everybody realizes just how well stretch wrappers reduce product theft.

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  • Cold Storage Equipment Purchasing Guide

    Cold Storage Equipment

    Cold storage is a highly specialized industry that requires specific skills and extensive management knowledge. Cold storage equipment purchasing is one of those knowledgeable skills. This can take years to learn and develop to the point where a cold storage facility is efficient as well as profitable. Cold storage facility managers need to be astute and on top of new technology and beneficial products. That includes knowing what to purchase, when to buy and who to source through.

    Part of cold storage facility management’s overall responsibility is cold storage purchasing. That includes large undertakings like outfitting an entire warehouse and smaller tasks like choosing freezer spacers and freezer spacer removal equipment. Purchasers need to be aware of all types of freezer equipment — it’s a serious matter in a massive industry. Read More  

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    Top Tips for Securing Loads on Pallets


    Webster’s Dictionary defines a pallet as a “device for supporting freight.” That’s a basic description for an invention used for over a hundred years and a mainstay in the warehouse and freight delivery industries. The National Wooden Pallet & Container Association’s slogan goes, “Pallets Move the World®” — and they’re right. Currently, in the United States, it’s estimated that approximately 1.4 billion pallets are actively circulating about the nation. That’s a lot of inventory to secure. Read More  

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