Bakery and Ingredients

Bakery and Ingredients

Bakery and Ingredients
Bakery and Ingredients

Equipment Solutions for the Bakery & Ingredients Industry

When you’re working in a bakery or with baking ingredients, contamination can be a serious concern. You need clean, efficient material handling equipment that will allow you to comply with tough modern FDA and OSHA standards for bakery ingredient handling.

For two decades, Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has been providing reliable equipment, with plastic pallets that are safe and easy to clean, stainless steel pallet inverters and other high-quality equipment that limits chances of cross-contamination. Our equipment allows you to keep your work environment sanitary for food processing and handling at each part of your industrial operation.

We Can Help Determine and Meet Your Specific Bakery and Ingredient Equipment Needs

At Cherry’s Industrial, we want to provide you with complete and comprehensive equipment solutions to manage the challenges you meet in food product handling. We know issues such as sanitation, space, access to product and type of material are all paramount, and we’ll talk things through with you until we’re sure you have all the products you need for your facility.

When You Work With Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, You’ll Appreciate:

  • A customized handling solution specific to your personal bakery or ingredient business
  • A complete solution — no need to go elsewhere to supplement your equipment
  • Flexible ordering and pricing — order as much or as little as you need, with price options to fit most industrial budgets

We Have the Choices You Need to Pick the Right Equipment for Your Operation

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment has been meeting material handling needs for a wide variety of businesses, including bakeries and food ingredient businesses, for more than 20 years. We’ll take the time to learn what your specific needs are and which of our products will meet them.

With Cherry’s Industrial Equipment You’ll Enjoy:

    • Less equipment repair and replacement, meaning fewer labor and replacement costs

    • Large scale reduction of safety issues

  • Lower risk of bacterial contamination of your products

When You Order Bakery & Ingredient Equipment from Cherry’s Industrial, You Get:

  • Customizable material handling solutions
  • A team of trained experts who can help you find just the products you’re looking for
  • Access to a repository of knowledge to help you find solutions to your most important packing and processing needs
  • Products that meet the high standards of quality for the food industry

Maintaining and Sanitizing Your Bakery and Ingredients Equipment

Keeping a sanitary environment in your bakery or food ingredient plant is critical. We understand this at Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, which is why our products meet the highest standards of cleanliness. Our stainless-steel pallet inverters allow you to transfer products to clean plastic pallets with minimal opportunities for contamination. We have a range of washing equipment products that allow you to quickly and easily sanitize your pallets and inverters. In addition to being sanitary, our products are durable and long lasting.

Examine Our Wide Range of Helpful Products for the Bakery and Ingredient Industry

Our stainless-steel pallet inverters that rotate 180 degrees allow for expedited food transfer timelines, with no need for restacking. We can also provide pallet changes to get your loads off unsanitary wood pallets and onto clean plastic ones. We carry additional equipment necessary to your bakery and ingredients operation, too, including freezer space removal machinery, stretch wrappers and more.

Contact us to learn more, or give us a call at 800-350-0011 to speak with an experienced material handling specialist today.

When You Choose Cherry’s Industrial Equipment, You Enjoy:

    • Product demos

    • Buy, lease and rental equipment options

    • On-site custom design center.

  • Wide range of high-quality, made-in-the-USA bakery and ingredients-handling equipment