Low Duty Tippers

Low Duty Tippers

2,000 & 4,000 lb Capacity

Upending coils and rolls are tough—tough on your employees, tough on machinery and tough on the product. That’s why we developed our line of 90-degree low duty pallet tippers to provide securely anchored, highly-durable equipment that could take on that simple, yet arduous, task. Our pallet tippers and coil upenders are a great, safe alternative to a potentially dangerous and labor intensive operation. We offer four low duty pallet tipper design styles, all customizable to your specific roll/coil dimensions and weight.

Need a custom low duty tipper? Cherry's designs and builds to your specifications in 4-6 weeks. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on a high quality roll tipper!

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  • - Safely tip coils, rolls, reels or boxes for storage, shipping or in plant use.
  • - Rotate product within a 90-degree radius to change vertical/horizontal orientation for shipping or production.
  • - Improve warehouse speed and efficiency!
  • - Support our economy - our products are Made in the USA.

First would be the sizes and weights of  the object that need to be tipped, does it fit within the machines capacities. Next would be ideal load in height and discharge height and the type of equipment used for load and unloading (forklift, pallet jack, roll manipulator or overhead gantry/crane) after that is determining a safe cycle speed, and operator controls either press and maintain or automatic.  Finally how to protect the machine and operator with hard guards, light curtains or other safety devices.


We're flexible - We are not interested in a generic one size fits all solutions for just any warehouse out there. We're looking for the best solution for your production plant or warehouse. We're ready - We keep our equipment in stock at all times, your production time is too valuable to sacrifice waiting around for the new equipment to come in. We're commited - we've put three decades of experience into developing our product line and we stand behind it 100%.