Pallet Changers

Automatic Pallet Changers & Transfer Systems

At Cherry's Industrial, we offer four lines of pallet changers and automatic load transfer systems. Choose from our PC, LT, PSR-EXC and DV changer models. Each automatic pallet system is designed and manufactured proudly in the USA. Our automatic pallet changers offer effective (non-push or squeeze) load transfers from wood to hygienic pallets or vice versa without causing product damage.

Our automatic pallet changers are designed to:

  • - Transfer pails and rolls from one pallet to another
  • - Transfer drums or other pressure-sensitive items safely
  • - Transfer finished product to a CHEP or IGPS rental pallet
  • - Transfer bags or uneven loads to a slightly taller exchange pallet

Our automatic pallet changers and load transfer machines are designed to either push, pull, squeeze and lift, tip or turn product to exchange to a specific pallet. Need a custom automatic pallet system? Contact us and we can work towards a pallet changer solution to meet your exact specifications.

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Choose the Ideal Pallet Transfer Machine for Your Needs and Budget

Examples from our pallet changer lineup include:

  • LT: Our Load Transfer Series consists of models designed to transfer items from in-house to shipping pallets or vice versa. Engineered for speed and efficiency, our LT changers can accommodate up to 60 pallets per minute. You will experience fast load transfers with no concerns about inverting or tipping. The innovative modular design enables you to add stackers, conveyors and dispensers as needed.
  • PC: A PC pallet transfer system consists of 110º ground-level units that provide the convenience of hands-free operation. They're perfect for transferring sensitive or fragile items from one pallet to another with little risk of damage. The pressure/load-sensitive settings enable you to adjust the machine based on the types of products you're handling. Our PC Series models are a preferred choice for pharmaceutical material handling operations and companies that have limited forklift access.
  • DV: Our DV Series models feature a uniquely designed "V" basket that supports the load on two sides, as well as an adjustable clamping plate to secure the load before tipping. The highly efficient hydraulic system enables these pallet changers to handle up to 30 transfers per hour. Push-button pendant controls make them easy to use. The DV line works well with shrinkwrapped bags, stacked boxes and uneven loads.

Quality Pallet Changers From Cherry’s Industrial

Cherry’s Industrial pallet changers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s warehouses, retail centers and other operations. We specialize in quality equipment at an affordable price. Our automatic pallet systems are:

  • Durable: Heavy-duty construction using high-quality materials ensures all Cherry’s Industrial pallet transfer systems can stand up to years of use. When you spend more initially on a well-made system, your investment will ultimately last longer and deliver better long-term returns.
  • Safe: The biggest benefit of using an automatic pallet system is safety. Automatic transfer equipment keeps your crew out of harm's way and reduces the risk of an accident when moving a heavy load. This prevents liability issues and helps avoid product loss or contamination that often occurs as a result of manual mishandling.
  • Streamlined: Our load transfer systems can move up to 60 pallets per hour. We offer a range of automated and mechanized equipment with easy-to-use controls that fit into your workflow seamlessly. Whatever the task involves, our transfer systems make the job of pushing, pulling or crimping a heavy pallet into place fast and risk-free.
  • Flexible: Cherry's Industrial pallet transfer machines are designed to integrate into your operation. We offer a variety of models that can be installed alongside conveyors, stackers or any other material handling tools.
  • Customizable: When a stock changer won’t do, we can customize an existing pallet stacker to better suit your needs. Cherry’s Industrial is unique in its customization capabilities — let us work with you to determine your requirements and develop an automatic load transfer system that meets each one of them.
  • Easy to use: Your operators will be able to master the various functions of our automatic pallet changers in little time with minimal training. The short learning curve will also minimize disruptions to your normal material handling operation during the transition period.
  • Efficient: The remarkable efficiency of our pallet transfer machines will allow you to improve your material handling procedures and minimize redundancy and waste. You might even be able to allocate more manpower resources to other areas of your business operation.

Ultimately, using our pallet changers will save you both time and money. To learn more about the specific benefits of each model or for detailed specifications and application information, visit individual item pages.

How Can Implementing Our Pallet Transfer Systems Impact Your Company?

Incorporating any type of "new" system into a material handling operation isn't necessarily easy, but a pallet transfer system from Cherry's Industrial can make it worth the effort. By increasing your productivity, you will provide better service to your customers and enjoy a competitive advantage when approaching prospects. The safety benefits you gain will result in less time off work due to injuries and fewer workers' compensation claims while helping you maintain OSHA compliance.

You will also find that working with our knowledgeable product experts ensures you will add a high-quality pallet changer that solves 100% of your company's material handling problem.

Part of a Complete Material Handling Solution

Businesses use pallet transfer systems in many different applications. Use them to load and unload pallets when arriving or leaving your facility, when switching to a sanitary pallet upon entering a clean processing center or when changing load requirements necessitate a larger or smaller pallet.

No matter the specifics of your application, you'll find a Cherry's Industrial pallet that meets your requirements. We design our equipment for today's industrial and commercial environments, where there is a clear need for enhanced safety and speed. Just about any business that relies on pallets can make use of our pallet transfer systems. Industries that currently implement our machines include frozen foods and cold storage, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, consumer products, distribution and 3PL, food service and building materials, to name just a few.

Contact Us to Learn More Today

Let us match you with the best system for your application. Pallet changers and other automatic load transfer equipment are one of the core components of our business — count on our team for innovative equipment and an exceptionally high level of customer service.

You will also appreciate our competitive pricing structure that will help you keep your material handling costs under control. All of our equipment is manufactured with pride in the USA. Call or email us today to request a consultation with one of our material handling specialists.

We design and manufacture our pallet inverters, and we have extensive customization capabilities. As a result, we are uniquely qualified to match customers with the best equipment for their needs. For assistance from one of our knowledgeable product specialists, call us at 800-350-0011.

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