Automatic Pallet Changers & Transfer Systems

At Cherry's Industrial, we offer four lines of pallet changers and automatic load transfer systems. Choose from our PC, LT, PSR-EXC and DV changer models. Each automatic pallet system is designed and manufactured proudly in the USA. Our automatic pallet changers offer effective (non-push or squeeze) load transfers from wood to hygienic pallets or vice versa without causing product damage.

Our automatic pallet changers are designed to:

  • - Transfer pails and rolls from one pallet to another
  • - Transfer drums or other pressure-sensitive items safely
  • - Transfer finished product to a CHEP or IGPS rental pallet
  • - Transfer bags or uneven loads to a slightly taller exchange pallet

Our automatic pallet changers and load transfer machines are designed to either push, pull, squeeze and lift, tip or turn product to exchange to a specific pallet. Need a custom automatic pallet system? Contact us and we can work towards a pallet changer solution to meet your exact specifications.