Export Pallets

Export Pallets

Don't mess with fumigation, export stamps and complicated paperwork. Plastic export pallets from Cherry's Industrial Equipment can make life easier for you and your team when shipping goods overseas. Our export plastic pallets meet and exceed ISPM-15 shipping requirements. Pallets are available in nestable and stackable designs in footprints from 24" x 31" up to 48" x 48". Nestable export pallets help to maximize space when storing empty units. Our stackable pallets allow you to safely stack loads atop one another to take full advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse and trailers.

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2 Viewings


The Many Uses of Plastic Export Pallets

Our nestable and stackable plastic export pallets are perfect for the one-way shipment of goods overseas, and stackable models can also serve applications where the receiving company will ship their products to you on a return trip. Their lightweight yet sturdy design will help lower your freight costs while still providing sufficient load stability during transport. Use them when shipping various types of consumer goods overseas. They're also a smart choice for complying with the stringent ISPM-15 regulations that typically prohibit sending products on wooden pallets.

Our Export Pallets Offer a Host of Benefits to Your Company

Our plastic export pallets are fabricated from 100% recycled material, making them an environmentally friendly material handling solution. They also require no export documentation, which will ensure certification under international standards and prevent lengthy customs delays. They are resistant to pests and bacteria, which can protect shipments containing food or perishable items. When used in two-way shipping applications, the user can clean them easily before re-stocking them for the return trip.

The stackable plastic export pallets will help to maximize the load capacity, which can reduce the often prohibitive costs involved with shipping goods overseas. The lighter weight makes them easy to handle, reducing the risk of injury to your warehouse staff. The nestable pallets will allow you to free up extra space in your facility for equipment, machinery or more merchandise for exporting, which can give your company a competitive advantage in today's global marketplace.

Why Choose Plastic Export Pallets Over Other Types?

Wood pallets have long been the standard for exporting applications, but many exporters are discovering the benefits of making the transition to plastic (besides ISPM-15 compliance). When it comes to export pallets, plastic models are much less expensive than wood, which can significantly lower your equipment costs. They also will not become "water-logged" in wet conditions, which can add unnecessary weight to a shipment. And there are no nails, splinters or sharp edges that can injure your workers or damage the goods during handling and shipping.

Make Cherry's Industrial Your One-Stop Headquarters for Export Pallets

At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we seamlessly combine high-quality equipment with competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service. It's all part of our commitment to providing items that solve 100% of your most challenging material handling issues. You will have access to our team of knowledgeable product specialists who can guide you through the entire equipment selection process and assist you with any customization requirements.

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