Industrial Pallet Dispensers

Industrial Pallet Dispensers

Industrial pallet dispensers with overhead gantry, sheet, 90 degree adjacent, ground level, high speed and double deep options. Please select from pallet dispensers, sheet dispensers, pallet straighteners, and container dispensers.

Order picking and manual palletizing can be exhaustive work for warehouse workers and pick operators especially if they are handling pallets by hand. Automatic pallet dispensing can increase pick rates, reduce employee turnover and add efficiency to any operation.

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Advantages and Applications

Industrial pallet dispensers have multiple potential benefits for busy organizations. Depending on how and where they are used, they can improve your operation’s:

  • Efficiency: The most significant advantage of a pallet dispenser or pallet stacker is that they perform a physically demanding task that would otherwise require completion by an employee. Automatic pallet stackers and pallet dispensers do their jobs faster and with greater accuracy than a human could. Pallets are picked and stacked right the first time. As well, workers are not required to leave their forklift or workstation, making the process faster and more streamlined overall.
  • Safety: When employees have less interaction with heavily-loaded pallets, the risk of an on-the-job accident decreases dramatically. As well, manually picked pallets introduce the potential for human error in stacking and organizing these heavy loads. Pallet stackers ensure work is done safely and that pallets are set in a manner that reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Accessibility: No longer does an employee have to hail a fork lift driver to come over and remove a pallet from the top of a stack. With a manual or electric pallet truck a pallet can be retrieved from or returned to the pallet dispenser.
  • Bottom line: Pallet dispensers help lessen the potential for damage to products while in transit or storage. When pallets are stacked safely and can be accessed quickly, they are less likely to incur damage themselves, which leads to lower operating costs — particularly when working with expensive heavy-duty or sanitary pallets. Add to this the economic benefits of improved safety and efficiency, and it's easy to see how your investment in an industrial pallet dispenser/destacker will pay for itself over time.

What to Look for in a Pallet Dispenser

In a busy facility, a pallet dispenser may be required to perform consistently throughout the day. When searching for a pallet dispenser, it’s important to take into account the specifics of your application and budget accordingly. Some things to look for include:

  • Capacity: Pallet dispensers can be customized to handle different sized loads at various speeds. High-volume applications may require more specialized equipment. Consider the type, size and shape of pallets you use, and the number you typically need in a given hour.
  • Heavy-duty construction: Pallet dispensers and related equipment may incur a lot of abuse. Look for equipment that can withstand dents, damage and other wear and tear. Often, spending extra for a more reliable unit will be a better use of your money over the long term. Also consider guarding to bring extra protection to your equipment.
  • Flexibility: A pallet stacker or dispenser must fit seamlessly into your workflow to be effective. Look for a unit that can be customized to your requirements if necessary.

Want to learn more about the potential benefits a pallet stacker or dispenser can have for your business? Contact Cherry's Industrial to request a quote and have one of our specialists match you with the best system for your budget. If we don't have a unit in stock that fully meets your needs, there's a good chance we can modify or customize an existing model.