Cheese and Dairy

Cheese and Dairy

Cheese and Dairy

Equipment Solutions for the Cheese & Dairy Industry

The Food Safety Modernization Act has created extremely stringent provisions for the cleanliness, testing, handling and transportation of food. It is more important than ever for those in the cheese and dairy industry to keep their products at a high standard of sanitization. That means everything inside your facility needs to be clean and to remain that way, including your processing equipment.

That’s where Cherry’s Industrial Equipment comes in. Our plastic pallets are not subject to rot and bacterial infestation like wood pallets, and they are much easier to clean. That’s just the beginning of what our material handling equipment can do for your cheese and dairy operation.

Cheese and Dairy

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Let Us Help You Choose the Right Equipment for Handling Cheese and Dairy Products

Another company might try to sell you a single material handling product and tell you it will solve all your packaging and processing problems. Not Cherry’s Industrial. We specifically design a wide range of material handling equipment so we can provide a 100 percent solution to your particular operational issues in the cheese and dairy industry.

Let Us Show You:

  • How our trained specialists can identify the right products for you
  • Why our products are hailed as being among the highest-quality material handling equipment
  • Which custom solutions we can offer you
  • What expert information you need to make the best equipment-buying decisions

When Cherry’s Industrial Handles Your Equipment Needs, You Get:

We know your operation moves fast and you need to move with it, without sacrificing cleanliness or quality. We have the answers and we’ll examine your operation and show you just what equipment you need for a comprehensive, streamlined solution.

  • Pricing that helps you stay within your equipment budget
  • Flexible ordering quantities. Order large or small — whatever best suits your processing needs
  • No cookie-cutter solutions. You get exactly the equipment you need, tailored to your business
  • A complete solution to streamline all areas of your processing setup

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Equipment for Handling Cheese and Dairy Products

Let Cherry’s Industrial be your partner for the cheese and dairy products industry. We’ve been providing equipment solutions for more than 20 years, and we’ve got everything you need for a cheese and dairy plant when it comes to packaging and load transfer, from plastic pallets and lift tables to pallet tippers, washers and upenders.

Maintaining Your Cheese and Dairy Equipment and Keeping It Sanitary

Sanitation requirements in the cheese and dairy industry are among the strictest. No matter how effective your equipment is, if you can’t keep it clean and prevent it from contaminating your products, it can be detrimental to your operation.

That’s why we make our equipment with a focus on maintenance and cleanliness, like plastic pallets that don’t rot and are easy to clean, and stainless-steel pallet inverters that let you transfer products without touching them to reduce the risk of contamination. We also provide washing equipment to help you keep everything sanitary at all times.

With our equipment, you can:

  • More easily meet FDA regulations for cleanliness
  • Avoid many common contamination and general health and safety problems
  • Better protect the health and safety of your employees

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  • Seeing product demos to watch our equipment in action
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  • Specifics of our high-quality, made-in-the-USA equipment products
  • Visiting our on-site custom design center with its 3-D modeling functionality

Look Over Our Impressive Range of Cheese and Dairy Handling Equipment Now

At Cherry’s Industrial, we have everything you need, whether you’re looking for pallet inverters, plastic pallets, lift tables, stretch wrappers or other equipment that facilitates the processing and transfer of cheese- and dairy-related products.

If it turns out we don’t have what you need, we will work with you to create a custom solution, or to make any necessary individual changes to a piece of equipment in order to deliver you results.

Let Cherry’s Industrial Equipment be your partner for sanitation and efficiency in the cheese and dairy industry. Call 800-350-0011 or contact us online to get started.