Pallet Straighteners

Pallet Straighteners

Feeling uneasy about using the wall or a structural support column to straighten pallets? In just seconds, our pallet straightener can ensure a stack of pallets is squared. For multiple pallet sizes or squaring to tight tolerances, consider a powered pallet straightener. With Cherry's selection of pallet loading straighteners and stand alone pallet wedges, you can safely stack almost any kind of pallet from low to high capacity using only a small amount of floor space and cutting your labor costs.

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  • - Square up stacks of rental pallets before shipping back to the pooling centers
  • - Straightened pallet stacks are safer to move and store in your facility
  • - Used as an important tool in a 5S program (sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain)
  • - Prevent damage to walls and other structural building supports
  • - Support our economy - our products are Made in the USA.

The tolerance requirements will typically dictate what type of straightener to use, In a general warehouse a tolerance of +/- an inch is acceptable whereas a perfectly squared stack is needed for use in high speed palletizing area or robotic work cell. Share with us the pallet types and equipment interface and we can recommend or design the best pallet straightener for your facility.


We're flexible - We are not interested in a generic one size fits all solutions for just any warehouse out there. We're looking for the best solution for your production plant or warehouse. We're ready - We keep our equipment in stock at all times, your production time is too valuable to sacrifice waiting around for the new equipment to come in. We're commited - we've put three decades of experience into developing our product line and we stand behind it 100%. 

Benefits of a Pallet Straightener

Pallet straighteners take a relatively simple task and make it faster, easier and more reliable. In a busy warehouse or other operation where maintaining productivity is key, this is a benefit that can have tangible effects on your bottom line. Cherry's Industrial pallet straighteners are engineered to do the job right. Our equipment can straighten pallets with a high degree of accuracy, without putting your staff at risk.

Properly straightened pallets are safer to work with and provide you with more efficient use of warehouse space. Using a pallet stack straightener will also help you lower your liability and decrease the risk of an on-the-job accident, both during the straightening itself and later during transit and storage.

A straightener can save you time as well. Our straighteners can align up to 20 pallets at once, with a higher degree of accuracy than a worker could ensure manually. As a result, you'll not only make better use of your space but also keep materials flowing through your facility quickly.

Quality Equipment for Demanding Applications

Use Cherry's Industrial pallet straighteners with GMA, plastic and CHEP pallets. We engineer all our equipment to provide reliable performance in heavy-duty applications. Our pallet straighteners are made exclusively in the USA from heavy-duty welded steel.

We offer both unpowered manual units and motorized systems that automatically feed squared pallets into a retrieval system. Choose a manual straightener if you want something that can work indoors or out, in all weather conditions. Our PT series anchors to the floor for safety and is available in three height configurations. Alternately, we can equip our LP straighteners with an electric or hydraulic power system that allows them to automatically complete a cycle in under a minute, making them ideal for high-volume applications.

Our Customization Capabilities

Our standard pallet straighteners provide options for most industrial facilities. However, specialized applications may require custom solutions. Cherry's Industrial can manufacture any of our pallet straighteners to meet your needs. If you work with non-standard size pallets or have other considerations such as clean room conditions, we can help.

One of our representatives would be happy to work with you and determine the best way to proceed. If an off-the-shelf pallet tunnel doesn't do, we would be happy to provide a quote for a custom unit.

Working With Cherry's Industrial

Cherry's Industrial has been providing advanced material handling solutions since 1983. We offer both our own equipment as well as a carefully curated selection of items by other leading manufacturers. Use our pallet straighteners to improve efficiency, ergonomics and safety in your operation. Explore our full catalog using the links on this page.