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If it’s on a pallet and needs to be turned, Cherry’s can handle it. We offer the largest selection of pallet inverters and pallet exchangers available in stock to buy, lease or rent. By eliminating the need to stack and restack products, our pallet inverters offer a way for you to handle your products in a manner that not only controls cost, but also reduces product damage and workplace injuries. We combine years of material handling experience with state of the art technology to bring you a range of products that solve your lifting, rotating, tilting, and transferring problems.

Our pallet inverters rotate at 180 degrees to make pallet exchange quick and simple. Choose from a variety of pallet inverter / exchanger models and styles, built with a heavy duty construction to handle any application.

Don’t see the pallet inverter machine you need? Have a special application? We invented the segment and continue to innovate. We can design, build and deliver a custom pallet inverter solution to meet your exact requirements. Made right here in the USA.

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Types of Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters can be an invaluable tool to facilitate an efficient and cost-effective supply chain. A number of different kinds of pallet inverters are designed to cater to all weights, movement requirements and supply chain needs. What should you look for in a pallet flipping machine and what kind of pallet inverter will be most effective for your business?

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Overview of Pallet Inverter Types

What types of pallet inverters are currently available?

  • Single clamp: The single clamp models are our most popular pallet turners. These stationary inverters have a load capacity of up to 4,400 pounds and come in three stock sizes to accommodate nearly any sized pallet. With few moving parts, this can be a quality solution for any business that needs a simple but effective pallet inverter.
  • Dual clamp: For larger loads, a dual clamp industrial pallet inverter might be the better choice. It has the largest clamping range of all currently available inverters, with a 4,400-pound load capacity. A dual clamp model is typically the best choice for inbound load transfers that entail a variety of package and container types and sizes.
  • Ground loading: Facilities with limited space or a lack of heavy lifting equipment like forklifts might not be the ideal location for a standard pallet rotator inverter. The ground loading inverter is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with manual and electric pallet trucks, improving supply chain efficiency without the need for additional heavy equipment.
  • Ramp loaded: The ramp loaded inverter is similar to the ground loading model but does require a six to eight-foot-long ramp for loading. It has a higher clamping force than the ground loader and is ideal for commercial printers or corrugated plants. Stainless steel/combo transfer system: This stainless steel option is ideal for applications where liquids are involved. It is another ground loading pallet flipper, but it has an additional movable sidewall to prevent liquid loss or product separation.
  • Low-duty: For facilities that don’t need to invert a lot of pallets, the low duty option is ideal. It’s designed for quick and safe product transfer if the load is smaller than 10-15 pallets per day.
  • Stainless steel: A stainless steel pallet inverter for forklifts is ideal for transferring gaylord boxes and combos onto pallets. The movable sidewall helps to prevent separation and loss of liquids. Stainless steel is easy to clean and offers excellent resistance to corrosion.
  • Custom: If none of these options look like they’ll fit your business, consider a custom pallet inverter. These can be built from the ground up to your exact specifications, fully fabricated and shipped in eight weeks or less. Examples of customization options include extended lengths and widths as well as increased load capacities and the inclusion of pallet grippers.

Pallet Inverter Applications

Pallet inverters have several potential applications. They allow you to quickly rotate, swap out or transfer heavy loads with a minimal amount of effort. They are also used to facilitate the replacement of pallets that have become broken or otherwise compromised during transit.

For certain pharmaceutical, food and other powder products, regular rotation is necessary to prevent caking, settling or spoilage. Using a pallet inverter or skid flipper simplifies this process and reduces the risk of injury to crew members while the work is performed.

In many situations, damaged goods end up at the bottom of the load. Pallet turners make it easier to retrieve and replace the damaged items without having to sort through and disrupt the entire shipment. This will save a significant amount of time and effort for your employees.

Pallet inverters are also used to move loads from one type of pallet to another. This is useful in clean production facilities where it is necessary to move materials shipped in on a wooden pallet to a sanitary plastic base during processing. If you use slip sheets in your material handling operation, pallet inverters can facilitate the transfer of goods from the pallet to the sheet.

Other Industries That Can Use Pallet Inverters

Examples of industries other than pharmaceutical and food that can benefit from using our pallet rotator tables include:

  • Automotive: Automobile manufacturers as well as parts suppliers/distributors.
  • Beverage: Manufacturers and suppliers that handle case lots of beer and soda.
  • Construction: Companies that handle all types of construction equipment, machinery, parts and components.
  • General Manufacturing: Organizations that produce, store, ship and handle various types of manufactured goods.
  • Warehousing/Distribution: General warehouse and distribution operations for just about any industry.
  • Landscape/Lawn: Manufacturers and distributors of landscaping and lawn care products.

Benefits of Pallet Inverters

A pallet inverter is a piece of equipment designed to manipulate fully loaded pallets. These pallets can be lifted, tilted or even entirely inverted, which allows for the easy retrieval of broken items from the bottom of loaded pallets or even switching wrapped loads from one pallet to another. The latter application is often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to shift loads from wooden pallets to plastic ones that are considered more hygienic.

Without a pallet inverter, this work would have to be done by hand. The pallets would have to be unwrapped, moved and rewrapped by hand, which takes more time. A pallet inverter reduces processing times and helps lower the amount of human labor required to adjust pallets or retrieve broken items during shipment.

There are many benefits to investing in a pallet inverter for your facility. When you match the right equipment to the task, it can:

  • Increase productivity: Pallet rotators and 180-degree pallet flippers integrate into your workflow in a way that a lift truck or jack can’t. They may also require less staff to do the same job, which frees up your team to work on other tasks.
  • Reduce risks: No matter how careful you are, handling heavy pallets using a forklift will always present an element of risk. Pallet inverters automate the process, which means less chance of an accident that can cost you money and jeopardize your productivity.
  • Save space: Use a pallet inverter in tight spaces where lift trucks can't go. Our pallet rotators are designed to work with all material handling and shipping equipment, so you have greater flexibility in how you set up your facility and organize your workflow.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Integrating a pallet rotator inverter into your material handling operation will enable your team to work smarter, not harder. You will be able to eliminate redundancies that would otherwise waste time and increase your operating costs.
  • Minimizing product damage: Manual material handling practices can often result in inadvertent damage to goods. Our pallet flippers reduce the need for human intervention, which can significantly lower the chances of dropping or mishandling. Your customers will incur fewer incidents of damaged shipments, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and increased retention.
  • Creating a safer work environment: Ensuring safe worksite practices is more important than ever in today's material handling operations. Our pallet inverters are designed and engineered with injury prevention in mind. Your workers will miss fewer days of work, and you won't have to deal with as many costly workers' compensation claims or potential OSHA violations.

Visit the individual product pages to learn more about the benefits of Cherry's Industrial inverters and related equipment.

Choosing a Pallet Inverter

We maintain an extensive inventory of pallet flippers, pallet rotators, pallet exchangers and associated equipment. Some things to think about as you browse our online catalog include the specifics of your application and the nature of the material you're handling — do you require an inverter that is adjustable to various heights or one that is fixed in place? Do you routinely work with hard-to-handle materials such as thin sheet metal?

At Cherry's Industrial, we offer a variety of equipment at distinct price points to meet the requirements of our diverse client base. Our light-duty inverters, for example, can handle between 10-15 loads per day. We also carry heavier duty units for more fast-paced facilities.

Are you having trouble deciding which pallet flipper model is right for your application? Our knowledgeable product specialists are here to help. We can guide you through the entire selection process and help you gain a better understanding of the features and benefits of each type. We can also assist you with customization — just tell us what you need, and we will work with you to develop an affordable pallet inverter that solves 100 percent of your company's unique material handling problem. You won't receive this exceptional level of service from any of our competitors.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is a leader in industrial pallet inverter technology. If this seems like the solution you’re looking for, or you would like more information, please visit us online or give us a call at 800-350-0011.

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