Pallet Inverters

180° Pallet Inverters & Exchangers

If it’s on a pallet and needs to be turned, Cherry’s can handle it. We offer the largest selection of pallet inverters and pallet exchangers available in stock to buy, lease or rent. By eliminating the need to stack and restack products, our pallet inverters offer a way for you to handle your products in a manner that not only controls cost, but also reduces product damage and workplace injuries. We combine years of material handling experience with state of the art technology to bring you a range of products that solve your lifting, rotating, tilting, and transferring problems.

Our pallet inverters rotate at 180 degrees to make pallet exchange quick and simple. Choose from a variety of pallet inverter / exchanger models and styles, built with a heavy duty construction to handle any application.


Don’t see the pallet inverter you need? Have a special application? We invented the segment and continue to innovate. We can design, build and deliver a custom pallet inverter solution to meet your exact requirements. Made right here in the USA.

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The SC Model is our most popular style of 180º pallet inverters offering a faster, easier way to rotate, switch or transfer loads and replace pallets. The SC Model is loaded / unloaded an... Read More

If you need to invert or transfer varying load types with variable load heights our Dual Clamp pallet inverter is the model to choose. Ideally suited for inbound load transfers where a variety... Read More

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If you are flipping hard to handle material like thin guage metal, high gloss printed material, plastic sheets and newspaper inserts consider the RL (Ramp Loaded) Pallet Inverter. Robust const... Read More

Transfer combos & gaylord boxes onto a plastic pallet with out causing damage. Our new design offers stainless steel construction, ground level loading and a movable sidewall to cradle the box... Read More

We can design, engineer and customize any pallet inverter type to meet your specific needs. Possibilities include extended length, widths, clamp range, increased capacities, pallet grippers, m... Read More

The “Cadet” is a Low Duty Pallet Inverter designed for the small to medium sized companies that need to invert between 10-15 loads per day. This inverter was designed and built with economy ... Read More