Floor Level Lift Tables

Floor Level Lift Tables

Floor level lift tables are a perfect solution for a diverse and aging work force in the warehouse. These ground / floor level lift tables offer controlled work positioning, near side loading and easy access with pallet jacks. With internal hydraulic power, our selection of floor level lift tables from PalletPal lower to the ground so that pallets can be rolled on and off easily with a hand pallet truck. The lift table is then easily adjusted by a pushbutton or foot switch which maintains the right height for manaul loading and unloading. We offer a range of floor level lift table models, which are capable of handling loads up to 4,000 lbs.

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4 Viewings


Choose From Multiple Floor Level Lift Tables

Our broad selection of floor-level lifting tables includes:

  • PalletPal RollO Pallet Level Loader: These advanced ground level lift tables give your operators the flexibility to raise them by push button or footswitch for ultimate load control. The ability to lower the unit to floor level facilitates manual loading applications. Narrow side panels provide easy access to the load, without the need for workers to bend over and possibly strain their backs.
  • RollC2.5-28: This low-to-the-ground lift table is enclosed on three sides, proving excellent load stability when lifting or lowering. The internal hydraulic floor-level lift table raises to a height of 28". The spacious 44" x 48" platform can accommodate wider loads with ease. You'll also appreciate the robust 2,500-lb. maximum load capacity.
  • RollC2.5-28(2)This variant of the RollC2.5-28 features a 40" x 48" maximum platform size. The 22-second elevating time ensures a fast load elevation that will increase workforce productivity. As with its counterpart, this floor lift table can handle loads up to 2,500 lbs.
  • Sanitary Low Profile Lift TableFabricated from T304 stainless steel, this floor level lifting table is the best choice for work environments that demand maximum hygiene. The industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders ensure smooth, efficient lifting and lowering while allowing the operator to maintain the table at the ideal height. The hand control pendant and foot safety trip bar make the unit safe and easy to operate.

Floor-Level Lift Tables Provide a Host of Benefits

Floor-level lifting tables add significant value to your work environment. These ergonomically-designed machines allow your employees to adjust the load to a comfortable height, which reduces the risk of on-the-job injuries. By enhancing load stability, the lift tables can help to prevent damage to goods during lifting, lowering and transport. You'll also discover that your staff will be able to increase their productivity, enabling you to get more orders out the door in less time.

Specific floor-level lift table benefits include:

  • Keeping workers on the job longer: Retaining good employees is a challenge in just about every material handling work environment these days. Because our floor-level lift tables can make the job easier for your workers, you stand a better chance of keeping them around longer — especially your more seasoned employees, who are usually the toughest to replace.
  • Providing better service to your customers: By enabling your staff to work faster and more efficiently, our ground-level lift tables will allow you to keep production schedules on track, reducing the likelihood of late shipments to your customers.
  • Lowering injury-related operating expenses: Workplace injuries that result in time off the job hurt your productivity and create additional workers' compensation costs, including more claims and higher insurance premiums. By allowing you to create a more ergonomically sound work environment, ground-lift tables can help you keep these avoidable costs under control.
  • Reducing product damage: Working at an inappropriate height can cause your employees to mishandle or drop containers. This creates the additional expense of replacing broken items — and could even result in injuries. Low-to-the-ground lift tables will keep boxes and packages within easy reach at all times.
  • Ease of use: Your staff will appreciate how easy our floor-level lift tables are to operate. A press of a button or push of a footswitch is all it takes to lower or raise the table to the desired height. This can also help alleviate the physical and mental fatigue that accompanies a long day on the job.

The combination of these benefits will have a positive impact on what matters the most: your company's ultimate productivity.

Floor-Level Lifting Table Applications

Ground-level lift tables from Cherry's Industrial offer an ideal material handling solution for companies in a wide variety of industries. A sanitary lift table can meet the needs of industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals, where complying with stringent cleanliness standards is paramount. You can also use them in just about any warehousing and distribution center where workers must repeatedly lift heavy loads, as well as high-volume operations that face an increased risk of product damage.

Other industries that can make good use of low-to-the-ground lift tables in their daily operations include automotive manufacturing and parts distribution, chemical manufacturing, consumer products, bakery/ingredients and consumer products, to name just a few.

Examples of the numerous applications for ground-level lift tables include:

  • Raising and lowering items when filling orders or loading pallets
  • Positioning packages for wrapping or labeling
  • Certain vehicle loading and unloading tasks
  • Assisting mobility-impaired workers in warehouses or manufacturing plants
  • Load positioning for conveyor belt applications
  • Performing food processing tasks in meat, poultry and food service/preparation operations
  • Placing materials at the appropriate height before feeding them into machines
  • Adjusting the height of large objects that are undergoing repairs (i.e. pieces of furniture or equipment motors)
  • Safely lowering heavy objects to the ground
  • Any task that would otherwise require frequent bending or lifting

Make Cherry's Industrial Equipment Your One-Stop Floor-Level Lift Table Headquarters

Cherry's Industrial offers high-quality products at competitive prices, combined with the best service in the material handling industry. Our goal is to provide customers with equipment that solves a problem in their warehousing operation. We can also customize many of our items to meet your specifications.

If you're not sure which of our many low-to-the-ground lift tables is the best fit for your applications, we can help. Our staff includes knowledgeable product specialists who are standing by to provide expert guidance every step of the way and assist you with your customization requests. Our commitment to providing personalized service sets us apart from many of our competitors in the material handling industry.

Our objective is to provide equipment that allows you to meet your objectives, whether you're looking to increase productivity, create a more ergonomic work environment, comply with safety or sanitation standards or increase the level of service you deliver to your customer base.

To learn more about our floor-level lifting table selection, give us a call at 800-350-0011 or contact us via email today. You can also fill out and submit the quote request form found at the bottom of each product page.