Level Loaders Lift Tables

Level Loaders Lift Tables

Cherry's offers a wide selection of spring loaded, mechanical lift tables from top manufacturers like Presto and Southworth. Using a spring assist level loader gives you perfect height positioning of boxes and pallets automatically. Just set the spring range and never adjust again. The lift table raises as weight is removed or lowers when weight is added. This option offers low-cost ergonomic work assistance for palletizing lines. Some lift table models feature a turntable top with 360-degree rotation to spin loads easily for loading and unloading of materials.

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4 Viewings


Choose the Right Pallet Lift Table for Your Needs

Our broad selection of level loader lift tables includes:

  • Palletpal 360: The 360 spring-loaded lift assist tables feature a uniquely designed rotating turntable top that allows operators to bring loads to them. This eliminates the stretching, bending and twisting that often causes back and repetitive stress injuries. The 360 offers a load capacity of up to 4,500 lbs. and a maximum raised height of 28". The powder-coated steel finish helps protect against rust, prolonging the lift table's lifespan.
  • Pneumatic Lift Table: These pneumatic-operated spring-loaded pallet lift tables can accommodate loads of varying weights, making them a flexible material handling option. The table raises and lowers automatically when workers remove or add freight, which reduces strain and minimizes the risk of injury. The table also offers a spacious platform measuring 43" in diameter.
  • Powered Palletpal Series: These lift tables are equipped with heavy-duty airbags that can position loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. with minimal air pressure. The foot control allows workers to raise and lower the table with little effort, making it easy to adjust the platform to the desired height. This table includes a lowered height of 9.5", a raised height of 33.5" and a platform diameter of 43.625".
  • Mechanical Lift Table: This spring pallet lift table is entirely mechanical and does not require air or a power supply. The stainless steel construction prevents rust and makes the top easy to clean. The table offers a load capacity of 4,500 lbs. and a raised platform height of 28".

Benefits of Level Loader Lift Tables

Perhaps the most valuable advantage of integrating these lift tables into your work processes is their ability to create a safer work environment. By allowing your operators to maintain a proper platform height, they can work more comfortably and lower their risk of injury. Rotating the platform also prevents the need to move to the load, which saves time and increases productivity.

Level Loader Lift Table Applications

Our lift tables have numerous uses in a wide variety of industries. The stainless steel lift table offers a hygienic solution for warehousing operations that must comply with stringent sanitation standards, such as food processing and pharmaceuticals. They also work well in work environments where workers perform frequent repetitive motions. And they can minimize the risk of product damage in just about any work setting, as they can decrease the occurrences of employees dropping boxes from height during loading and unloading.

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