Washing Equipment

Washing Equipment

Industrial Washing Equipment

Please select from pressure washers, pallet washers, pallet dryers or tray space washers.

Concerned with food safety, product recalls and cross contamination? Thinking of converting to an in house pallet, not sure how to keep them clean? Looking for a system to handle multiple items? We offer manual and automated systems to wash and dry pallets and containers.

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Portable hot and cold water washers use pressurized water to quickly remove dirt, blood, grease and debris and from floors, walls, pallets, containers and production equipment. Complete with a ha... Read More

Minimize the risk of contamination with a Cherry's pallet washing system. Our stainless steel pallet washing equipment is used and trusted by the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical industries. Th... Read More

The pallet dryer is an add on component to most automatic pallet washers. The pallet dryers main function is to blow off excess water, removing up to 95% of the moisture present after cleaning. ... Read More

If you ship tier sheets, trays, freezer spacers and handheld totes to outside warehouses, contract packagers and cold storage facilities and are concerned about potential cross contamination use ... Read More