Lift Tables

Lift Tables

Please select from level loaders, stainless steel, high level or floor level lift tables.

Lifting tablesergonomic scissor lifts and work assist platforms increase worker productivity and significantly reduce workplace injuries by positioning the pallet at an ideal height for palletizing. The platform of the lift table lifts and tilts providing the angle needed to make the contents of boxes, totes, or bins accessible. We offer different types of industrial lift tables for your unique applications.

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View Our Selection of Industrial Lift Tables

Our extensive material handling equipment inventory includes the following types of lifting tables:

  • Level Loaders: These ergonomic work-positioning lift tables allow your employees to raise and lower loads to the optimal height, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of injuries. Many also include rotating turntables, eliminating the need for workers to reach, bend or stretch. Our selection consists of an assortment of spring-loaded, mechanical, pneumatic and PPA-powered level loader lift tables.
  • Stainless Steel Lift Tables: Our stainless steel industrial lift tables provide a sanitary solution when performing everyday warehousing tasks such as lifting, slicing and dumping. Many include washdown components that can help companies maintain compliance with stringent USDA and FDA food safety requirements. Choose from a variety of standard and low-profile stainless steel lift table options.
  • High-Level Lift Tables: These general-purpose lift tables can raise personnel, equipment or pallets to the mezzanine level of a warehouse or other elevated work areas safely and efficiently. Our inventory includes lifting tables with varying height capacities for just about any industrial application.
  • Floor Level Lift Tables: These lift tables enable ground-level access to pallets, making it easy to load and unload with a pallet jack or hand truck. Equipped with either a push button or foot switch, your employees can adjust the platform to the desired height. We offer multiple floor level lifting table options with a robust load capacity of up to 4,000 lbs.

Benefits of Lift Tables

A work positioning lift table meets the needs of today's safety-conscious warehouse and material handling operations. Integrating them into your work processes can contribute to a lower injury rate, helping you maintain productivity and reduce worker's compensation claims. Some types of lift tables will also allow you to meet your sanitation/hygiene requirements. By enabling your workers to handle loads more efficiently, lift tables can help prevent damage to goods during loading and unloading.

Lifting Table Applications

Numerous industries can experience the advantages of using lift tables. For instance, high-level lift tables can serve the needs of industrial facilities that perform tasks such as mixing and parts, tool or dye storage. The stainless steel version is ideally suited for hygienic environments such as food and meat processing plants and pharmaceutical facilities.

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No matter how you intend to use lifting tables, you can always count on Cherry's Industrial Equipment to have the ideal product for your applications — even if it means creating a customized solution. Our knowledgeable product specialist will take the time to listen to your needs and recommend a solution that solves 100% of your material handling challenges. Let Cherry's Industrial not only help you find a solution but also earn a great return on your investment.

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