Lift Tables

Lift Tables

Please select from level loaders, stainless steel, high level or floor level lift tables.

Lifting tables, ergonomic scissor lifts and work assist platforms increase worker productivity and significantly reduce work place injuries by positioning the pallet at an ideal height for palletizing. The platform of the lift table lifts and tilts providing the angle needed to make the contents within boxes, totes, or bins accessible. We offer different types of industrial lift tables for your unique applications.

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Cherry's offers a wide selection of spring loaded, mechanical lift tables from top manufacturers like Presto and PalletPal. Using a spring assist level loader gives you perfect height position... Read More

Sanitary Lift Tables

Stainless steel lift tables efficiently position and help workers remove product from boxes and avoid manually lifting in slicing, dumping and further processing... Read More

General Purpose Lift Tables

High level scissor lifts are typically used for lifting pallets, product or personnel up to a mezzanine levels or raised work areas. Applications include ... Read More

Floor level lift tables are a perfect solution for a diverse and aging work force in the warehouse. These ground / floor level lift tables offer controlled work positioning, near side loading ... Read More

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