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Pet Food and Supplies

Pet Food and Supplies

Equipment Solutions for the Pet Food & Supplies Industry

People love their four-legged friends — they consider them a part of the family. If you’re a pet food manufacturer, you must make every effort to eliminate all sources of contamination that could lead to illness in animals and create a costly liability exposure for your company. Cherry’s Industrial is proud to offer a broad selection of material handling equipment that will ensure hygiene and maximize productivity in all your pet food processing and packaging applications.

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Cherry’s Takes a Different Approach to Selling Material Handling Equipment

Contamination can occur in any phase of the production process. Some equipment suppliers may focus on only one area of your pet food manufacturing operation such as the handling the of the raw ingredients that are shipped to your facility or the transferring of stock to pallets.

At Cherry's Industrial, You Can:

  • Purchase, rent or lease pet food equipment — whatever works best for your company.
  • Get an in-house custom design center for creating products tailored to your needs.
  • Receive on-site application evaluations upon request.

At Cherry’s Industrial, our goal is to solve 100% of your material handling problem. A total solution is your best assurance that you will be able to create and maintain a sterile environment that will keep your facility clean and compliant — whether that requires one new piece of equipment or several.

With Cherry’s, some of the benefits you’ll get include:

  • Avoiding “cookie-cutter” equipment solutions that only rectify part of the problem.
  • A targeted approach specifically tailored for manufacturers of pet food products.
  • The ability to order the exact product quantity you need, whether it’s one piece or several.

We’ll also address specific needs such as enhancing productivity or increasing safety.

We’ll Help You Explore All Your Equipment Options

Cherry’s Industrial has the resources and expertise to streamline and simplify your search for the ideal pet food manufacturing equipment. We’ve designed our compact, user-friendly website to eliminate the need to sift through stacks of paper catalogs or view hundreds of online product descriptions that do not address your unique material handling issues. We also have experienced product specialists on staff who can answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. We can even customize many of our products to conform to your special process requirements.

In addition:

  • Product selection services are geared toward new as well as experienced equipment buyers.
  • You’ll save time and effort during your pet food equipment and supply search.
  • You can get all the information you need to make an informing buying decision for your company.

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Talk to Our Experts at Cherry's Industrial About:

  • On-site product demos to assist you in your evaluation process
  • Flexible purchasing options to help you get the equipment you need easily
  • Customizing a solution that meets the unique needs for your pet food manufacturing warehouse

How Do Our Products Solve Your Sanitation Problems?

Our pet food manufacturing equipment promotes hygiene in various ways. We offer pallet inverters with 180-degree rotation capabilities that transfer products from wood to more sanitary plastic pallets, while minimizing the risk of damage. Our plastic pallets are easy to clean and resist many types of harmful chemicals.

We offer several FDA-compliant plastic pallet options that are ideally suited for pet food ingredient mixing areas, clean rooms and other locations within your facility where maximum hygiene is essential — and you won’t have to worry about deterioration and rot that come with wood pallet ownership.

You’ll also:

  • Minimize the risk of contaminants infiltrating your pet food products.
  • Experience the many hygiene and safety benefits of plastic compared to wood pallets.
  • Minimize product waste and maximize your ROI since plastic pallets are recyclable and reusable.
  • Stay clean and compliant in every area of your processing and packaging operations.

View Our Current Selection of Pet Food Manufacturing Equipment and Supplies

Take a closer look at our inventory of plastic pallets, pallet inverters, pallet changers, washing equipment and other pet food manufacturing offerings. Please let us know if you need to modify any of our equipment, and we’ll do our best to provide the custom solution you need. All our equipment is produced in the USA by top manufacturers with a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Put our more than 30 years of material handling equipment experience to work where you can:

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