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Printing and Corrugated

Printing and Corrugated

Equipment Solutions for the Printing & Corrugated Industry

Creating a safe work environment is of utmost importance to companies in the printing and corrugated product industries. Warehousing/distribution operations must ensure they are providing safe, ergonomically designed material handling equipment that minimizes the risk of injury — but without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

Cherry’s Industrial Equipment is your one-stop headquarters for innovative, reliable printing/corrugated material handling equipment that will promote a safer work environment and keep your valued employees on the job.

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We Implement a “Total” Approach to Selling Equipment

At Cherry’s Industrial, we recognize that material handling equipment should provide a total solution for our customers. While some suppliers may focus on one component of the warehousing process such as pallets or pallet inverters, we implement a fully integrated approach to the sales process.

Contact Our Pallet Handling Experts to Get Started and:

  • Purchase your printing/corrugated material handling equipment or take advantage of flexible leasing.
  • Take a look at short- and long-term equipment rentals available for your temporary needs.
  • Have access to our on-site custom design center for fast, affordable equipment customization and modification.

We’ll take a close look at your entire warehousing operation and recommend a solution that solves 100% of your problem — not just part of it. You’ll experience a noticeable improvement in production, safety and efficiency, while cutting down on packaging and shipping mistakes that lead to poor customer service and a loss of business.

We can provide:

  • A welcome departure from the “cookie-cutter” approach used by many of our competitors.
  • Total printing/corrugating equipment solutions backed by more than 30 years of experience.
  • An improvement on performance in all areas of your warehousing operation.
  • Careful assessment of the relevant safety risks that have the biggest impact on your company.

We Make It Simple to Find the Right Equipment

A common way that many companies take when purchasing printing/corrugating equipment is looking through a bulky catalog containing hundreds of thousands of items. This takes a lot of time — and it doesn’t necessarily ensure you will find a quality product that addresses your unique material handling equipment needs. Cherry’s Industrial gives you access to tools and resources that will streamline and simplify your equipment search.

You’ll find all the products you need in one convenient location — you won’t waste precious time leafing through catalogs or browsing multiple websites.

Instead, you’ll find:

  • A compact, easy-to-navigate website that enables fast location of the right product.
  • Trained product experts standing by to assist you when needed.
  • Numerous equipment options for printing/corrugated companies of all types and sizes.
  • Competitive pricing that delivers the best value for your equipment dollar.

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Find Out More Information By Contacting Us and:

  • Discussing customization options for the perfect equipment for your industry
  • Asking about scheduling a product demo to see the product in action prior to purchasing.
  • Letting us conduct risk assessments to ensure the equipment meets your safety and cost requirements.

Products Specifically Designed to Alleviate Physical Stress

Our equipment inventory includes state-of-the-art pallet inverters that eliminate the repetitive motion injuries that often result from manual inversion processes — these inverters can rotate up to 180 degrees with no human intervention required. We also offer stackers, lift tables and other ergonomic work positioners that minimize lifting and reduce the number of back injuries when working with palletized products.

In addition, you will find an assortment of pallets, including solidly constructed plastic pallets that prevent splinters and are easy to clean and maintain. We can even conduct a comprehensive ergonomic review to ensure the equipment will meet your comfort and efficiency requirements. We also offer:

  • Material handling equipment that helps you comply with OSHA regulations.
  • Reusable, recyclable pallet options that can minimize your equipment costs.
  • A potential reduction in lost man hours resulting from avoidable workplace injuries.
  • Material handling equipment offering faster production times than manual labor processes.

Review Our Entire Printing/Corrugated Material Handling Equipment Inventory

Browse our broad selection of pallet inverters, pallets, electric forklifts, load transfer systems and other material handling equipment. Keep in mind that we can modify many of these items to fit your specific work processes and safety requirements — our customization rates are not much higher than those of our standard equipment lineup. All products are manufactured in the USA by leading equipment producers known for developing high-quality products that are built to last.

Contact us for additional product information and a no-obligation quote today, so you can: