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Meeting The Needs Of Small & Mid-Sized Companies

We’re a small company that serves a lot of big customers. And while we love our big customers — they’re our bread and butter — that doesn’t mean we want to forget about the little guys. Since we know what it’s like to be a smaller company, we know what it takes to serve them, too, and want to provide products to meet their unique needs.

The fact is, we know that small to mid-size companies are struggling with the same issues we are: increasing productivity, improving processes, controlling costs and reducing labor. They’re being squeezed by both vendors and customers, so they need to find ways to save money and control the bottom line, without adding to their head counts. This is why we’re always looking for ways to help our small and mid-sized clients in achieving their goals — through innovative product development catered to their needs.

Light Duty TipperProduct Development

Each year, we design and develop a new product to bring to the industrial equipment marketplace. Last year, we successfully introduced a light-duty 90-degree tipper, built to simplify the often dangerous task of rotating coils or rolls. Knowing that coils and rolls vary in size, weight and orientation, we developed a sophisticated engineering and manufacturing process that supports the “mass customization” of four basic styles. The immediate benefit to small and mid-sized companies is the ability to purchase a highly customized solution that solves the specific problem at an affordable price, without long lead times and expensive engineering fees.

Innovative Tools for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

After the success of the last product rollout, our design and engineering team was challenged with building something new or unique that would fill a niche in the current marketplace. For more than 30 years, our equipment has helped large companies with multiple locations and high volume, and we have many products that suit their needs. Our team realized that many smaller businesses could benefit from the efficiencies of our machines, but that the larger, heavier-duty machines we were offering were not practical or affordable for them. So this year, it made perfect sense to design and fabricate a light-duty pallet inverter that would benefit those customers.

Research confirms that as part of the supply chain, a growing number of small and mid-size manufacturers and contract packagers must transfer product to in-house pallets for production purposes, and to export rated and rental pallets for outbound shipments overseas and to big box retailers.

We tracked requests over the past year for used or refurbished equipment, and discovered that almost all were from smaller companies, who were manually flipping products over by hand. Types of companies included commercial printers, small warehouses, light manufacturing companies, automotive component makers, consumer good companies and nutraceutical businesses. Additionally, these businesses were concerned about price and wanted to know how they could benefit from an affordable load inverter. Simply put, smaller companies wanted to know what their return on investment (ROI) could be.

The Work Horse

For over 30 years Cherry’s Industrial has Low Duty Pallet Inverteroffered pallet inverters designed to handle heavy workloads, 50 to 300 pallet loads per day. Our best-selling series, the SC model, is available in 4,400-lb., 6,600-lb. and 8,800-lb. capacities. It comes in five standard sizes with multiple options to handle just about any load transfer, damage recovery or product inverting requirement.

Our Newest Low-Duty 180° Pallet Inverter

Now, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new CADET pallet inverter. Designed from the top down for intermittent use (i.e. 10 to 20 pallet loads per day), it is more suited to the volume of many smaller companies. Affordably priced, this pallet inverter sports a smaller footprint and more compact design, perfect for tight warehouse space, but still able to handle capacity of up to 3,000 lbs.

To find out more about how the CADET Pallet Inverter could benefit your business, contact us at 800-350-0011 or visit our corporate websites and