Cherry's Industrial Equipment markets the pallet inverter to safely recover product, and the pallet inverter quickly became a “must have” item in the material handling trade. In an effort to create solutions for the ergonomic and safety issues found throughout the industry, Cherry’s Industrial product line expands to pallet retrievers, tippers, and dispensers. With customers’ requests for a variety of unique applications, custom solutions soon became a standard item for the production team. Cherry’s Industrial respects the client and understands what matters. Manufactured and assembled in the USA, Cherry’s Industrial upholds the highest standard of quality and safety, continuing the great American legacy of quality craftsmanship at home. Cherry’s Industrial offers durable, lasting machinery that will seamlessly integrate into existing processes or create a new, higher efficiency process. Their commitment to these values and high standards is Cherry’s Industrial promise to their customers.

Cherry's Industrial is founded
Founder and entrepreneur Bud Cherry introduces to the US market to a stand-alone 180° Pallet Inverter, a new type of material handling equipment developed to turn entire pallet loads over to replace broken bags of fertilizer, sugar and other dry products.
Load Inverter for Commercial Printers
Printing companies experience high instances of carpal tunnel and back injuries associated with manually flipping signatures by hand. Cherry’s Industrial custom builds an automatic, production ready Pallet Inverter to flip over the entire load prior to heading into the bindery area. The custom-designed inverter includes a moving sidewall to contain the slick paper columns and pallet grippers to retain the press pallet.
GMA Pallet Subcomittee
In 1994, the Grocery Manufacturers Association meets to discuss the design and specification of wood pallets in the industry. Cherry’s Industrial participates in this meeting to develop a machine that will complete a damage free transfer of finished goods from a standard grade pallet to a rental pallet for use in the facility.
Ground level Pallet Dispenser
2004 is a big year of changes for Cherry’s Industrial. Cherry’s Industrial makes the move from Bensenville to Elk Grove Village, due to rapid company growth. Two new product lines are added, the Pallet Dispenser and Container Dispenser. The ground level dispensers are small, compact, reliable and serve a wide variety of industries.
Nationwide Service
Cherry’s Industrial service department grows their offering with regular preventative maintenance, service, and new equipment installation supported through a nationwide network of local technicians. Machine warranty expands to 3 year parts/1 year labor.
With over 3,000 machines sold worldwide, the company culture maintains one of focus on the customer. Cherry’s Industrial continues to produce new product lines and redevelop the core product lines in anticipation of future needs for their customers. As the marketplace focuses on commoditizing products and producing overseas, Cherry’s customization team continues to offer value with products Made in the USA to the customer’s specifications.
Distributes Plastic Pallets
Cherry’s Industrial signs an agreement to become a select distributor of molded plastic pallets manufactured by Amoco/Sheller Globe (through acquisition now Orbis). Cherry's introduces the concept of replacing wood pallets with plastic pallets in production areas for food companies. Cherry's Pallet Inverter aids in the transfer of raw goods and material onto the clean plastic pallet.loads over to replace broken bags of fertilizer, sugar and other dry products.
Freezer Spacer Removal Equipment
Cherry’s co-develops a thermoformed plastic freezer spacer with Regal Plastics. The spacers’ new design is cleanable and nestable, unlike wood spacers. Cherry’s Industrial works with leaders in the Meat, Poultry and Cold Storage industries to design and build an ergonomic pallet tipping machine (PSR) for operators to remove spacers for immediate re-use after product is frozen.
Highly Engineered Inline Systems
Through the efforts of the engineering design team, Cherry's Industrial takes their equipment to the next level by developing Inline Systems for food, manufacturing and warehouse companies. These systems replace the stand alone machines; offer increases in productivity and reduction in labor with a ROI less than two years.
Bud Cherry Retires
Bud Cherry decides to retire but wants to maintain the level of leadership and integrity of design he maintained since Cherry’s Industrial opened its doors. He sells the company to David Novak & John Costello, both long term employees committed to the Cherry’s Industrial pledge of quality. Bud stays with the company another year to guide the transition.companies. These systems replace the stand alone machines; offer increases in productivity and reduction in labor with a ROI less than two years.
Change of Ownership
In 2014 John Costello assumes the role of President and CEO and becomes sole proprietor. Focused on building a strong management team, John hires additional staff to support the company growth and expand the company capabilities.