Case Studies

  • Celebrate with Us!

    We’re excited to announce that Cherry’s Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer has been selected by the Material Handling Industry Association as a finalist for the Best Innovation of an Existing Product Award at ProMat 2017 by Material Handling Industry Association.

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  • Christmas Comes Early this Year

    Changing out pallets by hand has been a major chore for a cheese supplier to Taco Bell. For the past five years they’ve been trying to justify the expense of a custom pallet retriever. Business is booming and the number of pallets needing transfer has increased significantly. Last month they asked our sales rep to drop in. They’d decided it was finally time: they were ready to pull the trigger. Our rep overheard their controller tell everyone, “This new machine is your early Christmas gift!” Read More  

  • Section 179: Use It or Lose It

    Why Section 179 is good news for your business.

    Our government regularly allows tax deductions to encourage small business growth. One of the oldest and most popular deductions is Section 179, which has fluctuated over the last 5 years but has recently topped $500,000! This means that your business could deduct half a million dollars per year for items like machinery, equipment and other tangible capital investment items. Read More  

  • Rigging with Roller Skids – Safety Awareness

    Moving heavy equipment or machinery in a work place facility is a task that should never be taken lightly (no pun intended).  In fact, thorough planning and organizing should always precede any rigging project.   Below are a few proactive safety recommendations that are worth noting prior to utilizing the MultiRoll Roller Skids, or any other brand of machinery skates.

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  • Handy Warehouse Safety Tips

    June is National Safety Month, and it’s a great time to review safety in the workplace. While employee safety is important in any field, it’s of particular concern in distribution, manufacturing, and warehousing.

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  • How New Technologies Are Changing the Way Products are Frozen

    Presently, the most common method of preserving food is freezing. A variety of different types of products can be frozen.  Some include vegetables, fruit, prepared foods, pizza, entrees, yogurt, ice cream, eggs and butter, along with various kinds of meat such as fish, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and beef. Read More  

  • Primary Accessories to Improve Warehouse Safety

    Every day warehouse workers are exposed to unique hazards ranging from falls from dangerous heights or varying severity of injuries caused by the misuse of heavy machinery.  You name it. The list of potential accidents is many and as a result warehouses have come to be known as one of the most hazardous work environments.  Read More  

  • Why the aging of the workforce and adult obesity are increasing workman's compensation

    Workman’s compensation costs have dramatically increased over the last forty years. This is largely attributed to two trends in the workforce, namely the increase in average age of the workforce and the increase of obese workers in that force. Read More  

  • Are Wood Pallets a potential food and drug safety risk

    Just about anything that is shipped in bulk today is shipped on wood or plastic pallets. Most industries, including automotive, chemical, food, paper, retail, etc., use pallets to transport their products from manufacturer to store. It is estimated that just in the United States, nearly two billion pallets are used every year to ship products. Read More  

  • Meeting The Needs Of Small & Mid-Sized Companies

    We’re a small company that serves a lot of big customers. And while we love our big customers — they’re our bread and butter — that doesn’t mean we want to forget about the little guys. Since we know what it’s like to be a smaller company, we know what it takes to serve them, too, and want to provide products to meet their unique needs. Read More  

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