PPW-C24-SZ5-FRZ1 Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer with Fresh Rinse

PPW-C24-SZ5-FRZ1 Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer with Fresh Rinse

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The PPW-C24 stainless steel automatic pallet washer is a multi-modular system that fulfills 3 specific stages:
1) Spray Wash, 2) Fresh Rinse, and 3) Dry. Each of its modules or sections contain buffer zones that essentially keeps each stage completely separate from the another. For example, when a pallet is conveyed from the Spray module to the Fresh Rinse module the water from the Spray module does not cross over and contaminate the water in the Fresh Rinse module. The beauty of the modular design is that additional modules [e.g. Heated Dry Air Module] can be added at a later time as budget permits. The PPW-C24-SZ5-FRZ1 represents our Stage 2 (Spray Wash + Fresh Rinse) Automatic Pallet Washer. Please call 800-350-0011 and consult our product specialists for pricing and details regarding this Stage 2 and also the Stage 3 Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer.

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View FileSS Auto Pallet Washer Size: (595.49 KB)
Capacity Per Hour
Approximately 100 pallets
# of Nozzles
Type of Nozzle
SS V-Jet nozzles (most at 65 degrees)
Recirculating Tank
400 Gallon Tank
2 vertical filter screens in front of the pump
Pump Drive
7.55 HP
Water Pump GPM
150 GPM at 50 PSI
Wash Tempurature
Up to 140° F
304 SS
Load/Unload Height
Blue Painted Finish Over Stainless Steel (Polished Finish w/ Insulation Option)
480 V/ 3 PH/ 60 Hz
PPW-C24-SZ5-FRZ1 Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer with Fresh Rinse
Standard Control Panel
Touch-Interface Control Panel
Door Safety Switch
3 Beacon Light
Electronic Eye
Micron Bag Filter
Marine Clean-Out Door
Chemical Siphon Valve
Oil Belt Skimmer
More Information
The PPW-C24-SZ5-FRZ1 Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer is specifically designed to clean pallets as large as 48” x 48” x 6.5”. This Stage 2 model provides a 60" spray zone to cleanse plastic pallets utilizing heated recirculating water. The unit has a 7.5 HP pump that generates an output of 150 GPMs at 50 PSIs. The Fresh Rinse portion of the unit has a 12" spray zone and utilizes approximately 3 gallons per minute.