EZ-Turner 29 Pallet Inverter

EZ-Turner 29 Pallet Inverter

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The EZ-Turner is a pallet inverter/skid turner that allows the user to invert materials 180° quickly, without the need for heavy equipment. By placing material between its forks, then lowering the unit to the ground, and then rocking it back up from the other side, a single person can invert paper piles, drums, and other materials up to 700 lbs in weight. It is lighter and quicker than using heavy machinery, and requires little-to-no maintenance. A spring-assisted third wheel assists the user in lifting the material up and over, thereby reducing overall effort needed. There are no motors or hydraulics; a standing bar and spring-assisted third wheel are all that are necessary to invert loads, and the EZ-Turner can be used safely and effectively with relatively little training. Using the EZ-Turner reduces stress on the user’s legs, back and arms, thereby increasing productivity and lowering the chances of work-related injury. This product is tough, durable, and will stand up to years of heavy use.

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EZ-Turner 29
Max. Jaw Opening
Min. Jaw Opening
Pallet Clearance
3 1/2"
700 lbs
Power Source
One year parts
San Jose, CA
Shipping weight*
200 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
64" x 30" x 34"
More Information
Pallet inverter/skid turner. Minimum pile height: 21". Maximum pile height: 35". Pallet clearance: 3 1/2". Maximum weight: 700 lbs. Manually operated; spring-assisted lifting/inverting mechanism. No motors or hydraulics.

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