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Christmas Comes Early this Year

Changing out pallets by hand has been a major chore for a cheese supplier to Taco Bell. For the past five years they’ve been trying to justify the expense of a custom pallet retriever. Business is booming and the number of pallets needing transfer has increased significantly. Last month they asked our sales rep to drop in. They’d decided it was finally time: they were ready to pull the trigger. Our rep overheard their controller tell everyone, “This new machine is your early Christmas gift!”

Of course, we at Cherry’s were pretty excited to hear that. We couldn’t help ourselves and decided to put a big red bow on the machine when we shipped it last week.

If you have year-end capital available ( or just want your operation to be more productive, it’s not too late for your early Christmas gift.  If you make a purchase with delivery before Christmas, just let us know if you’d like a red bow and wrapping! Our machines may not fit down the chimney, but we like pretending to be Santa Claus anyway.