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Celebrate with Us!

We’re excited to announce that Cherry’s Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer has been selected by the Material Handling Industry Association as a finalist for the Best Innovation of an Existing Product Award at ProMat 2017 by Material Handling Industry Association.

With 30+ years of experience in the industrial handling business, we know the equipment that works best for our clients. While most pallet washers are big and unwieldy, Cherry’s Stainless Steel Automatic Pallet Washer is compact because it’s modular. It has buffer zones between each module eliminating cross-contamination, and it is leak proof so it can be installed anywhere in the facility.

Here are just a few reasons our pallet washer was selected as a finalist for innovation:

- It’s modular and compact.

- No overspray!

- It includes options for variable speed.

- It’s customizable.

Stop by our booth at Promat to learn more about how to keep your pallets clean! Tomorrow is the last day to visit.

ProMat 2017 Booth S654, McCormick Place