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  • Warehouse Safety Guide

    Warehouse Safety Guide

    Warehouse working environments have plenty of potential hazards, such as moving forklifts lifting loaded pallets, slips and falls and more. Supervisors and workers must be keenly aware of their surroundings and follow appropriate warehouse safety procedures. Ensuring a warehouse is a safe and healthy workplace is everyone’s business — from top management right down to the most junior employee.

    The best warehouse safety practices focus on identifying hazards and reducing workers’ exposure to them. Accident prevention is the number one component in every safety program. That includes all workplaces, and it’s especially applicable in American warehouses where so many mishaps occur.

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  • Change the Way Your Employees Think About Warehouse Safety: A How-To Guide

    Change The Way Your Employees Think About Warehouse Safety

    Every warehouse manager wants their employees to go home safe and sound at the end of their shift. Good managers know that safe employees are productive employees and that means a more profitable business overall. But profits don't drive safety. What really drives a warehouse safety program is how employees think about safety in the warehouse.

    Getting employees involved in safety starts with one main thing. That's corporate culture and an entire commitment — a total engagement — towards safety in the warehouse workplace. It's more than just having employees participate in workplace safety procedures. Safety is a central part of any first-rate warehouse culture.

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  • Pallet Inverter Safety Tips

    The billions and maybe trillions of movements workers make each day to transport and process the products of business are exactly why pallet inverters prove useful, functional and beneficial to the bottom line. They create efficiency and safety.

    Pallet inverters handle and reorient product loads of all different sizes and weights, and they enable workers to easily manipulate pallets of boxes, cartons, drums and other containers.

    At Cherry's Industrial Equipment, we’re glad to answer your questions about pallet inverters and how to use them in a way that benefits your day-to-day business operations.

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  • Major Threats to Warehouse Worker Safety

    Workers are the cornerstone of an effective warehouse operation. It is essential to protect these employees to promote a safe and secure workplace, while keeping your projects moving along efficiently.

    Anytime you’re working with heavy equipment, or in very crowded environments, there are always safety hazards. Safety rules are in place to prevent most of the major threats to warehouse worker safety, but there are still risks to consider. What are the most common threats to warehouse worker safety?

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