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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • Pallet Straightening Tips

    Pallet Straightening Tips

    An estimated two billion pallets are used in the United States by the manufacturing, industrial, transport and material handling industries. Pallets of any kind (wood, plastic or metal) are an essential resource for many companies that are often overlooked. About 80 percent of all goods in the United States are transported on pallets.

    The most common method of storing pallets is stacking them on top of one another. This saves valuable floor space, which leaves room for housing more inventory or increased workspace. However, pallet stacking is a technique that must be done safely.

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  • Challenges and Best Practices for Frozen Food and Cold Storage Warehousing

    Frozen food challenges & best practices

    Cold storage warehouse management is a highly specialized skill. It requires intimate industry knowledge and the ability to make the best use of materials, equipment and facilities. Good cold storage warehouse managers are intimately aware of their frozen product requirements. They continually respond to critical issues that arise when handling perishable foods.

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