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Monthly Archives: November 2016

  • Christmas Comes Early this Year

    Changing out pallets by hand has been a major chore for a cheese supplier to Taco Bell. For the past five years they’ve been trying to justify the expense of a custom pallet retriever. Business is booming and the number of pallets needing transfer has increased significantly. Last month they asked our sales rep to drop in. They’d decided it was finally time: they were ready to pull the trigger. Our rep overheard their controller tell everyone, “This new machine is your early Christmas gift!” Read More  

  • Section 179: Use It or Lose It

    Why Section 179 is good news for your business.

    Our government regularly allows tax deductions to encourage small business growth. One of the oldest and most popular deductions is Section 179, which has fluctuated over the last 5 years but has recently topped $500,000! This means that your business could deduct half a million dollars per year for items like machinery, equipment and other tangible capital investment items. Read More  

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