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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Why the aging of the workforce and adult obesity are increasing workman's compensation

    Workman’s compensation costs have dramatically increased over the last forty years. This is largely attributed to two trends in the workforce, namely the increase in average age of the workforce and the increase of obese workers in that force. Read More  

  • Are Wood Pallets a Food and Drug Safety Risk?

    Food and pharmaceutical distribution companies across the nation are switching their pallet supply from wood to plastic. While wood pallets have long been a mainstay of the shipping industry, new federal regulations require that all companies handling food and drug products remove old wood pallets from their supply chain and go with a sanitary alternative. That’s because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found serious risks associated with wood pallet food safety.

    To prevent foodborne illnesses, mitigate consumer health threats and protect your company against costly recalls, lawsuits and fines, it’s necessary to convert from wood pallets to sanitary plastic ones. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t aware of the full scope of risks associated with wood pallets and the important benefits of using plastic. Cherry’s Industrial is a leading expert in supply chain management solutions and modern-day industrial best practices. If you use wood pallets in your food business, then we’re here to guide you through better understanding the wood pallet safety risks and how to improve the health standards of your organization.

    Read More  

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